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10 Reasons To Be Happy Today

10 Reasons To Be Happy Today

By: Sarah

When life gets the best of you, it's sometimes really hard to remember why you should be anything but happy. 

Sometimes people don't think of the reasons but are just in the moment.

Here are just some things to know that you should be happy:

1. You're alive. How can you not be happy about that?

2. There are people who love you and care about you whether you know it or not.

3. There is one person in the world that would do anything to see you smile.

4. Tomorrow will be a new day even if today is a bad one.

5. Food. Stuffing your face with sweets like chocolate or even junk food. 

6. You can help someone else even with the smallest gesture.

7. Nature. The ocean, clouds and sand. Just looking around you.

8. Good health. There is always someone who is fighting for their life.

9. Puppies and kittens. Does there have to be any explanation for that?

10. You don't have to continue down the path you are going. You can literally change what you are doing with your life. You have the power.