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10 Reasons to Tell Him "Boy, Bye"

10 Reasons to Tell Him "Boy, Bye"

By: Jesse Jo

Love is a beautiful thing, but there are plenty of deal breakers that should compel you to leave a guy behind.

1. He's a liar... There's no such thing as "just a white lie;" if he'll lie to you about the small things, he'll lie about the big ones too.

2. Not to mention controlling. If he spends time with his friends but gets mad when you choose to spend time with yours, he's an insecure hypocrite. Girl, be you. Don’t let a man decide who you can/’t see, or what you can/’t do.

3. He gets aggressive... If he explodes over the smallest things, then run, girl, run. There's no reason to be with a man who takes his problems out on you.

4. And doesn't respect you at all. You're allowed to have your own interests and opinions, whether he shares them or not. A lack of respect shows a lack of commitment to you.

5. He wants to change you. Don’t change yourself if he's trying to mold you into the woman he wants, change your relationship status instead. Find a man who loves you for you.

6. He's incapable of keeping his promises. If he constantly breaks his promises, you'll eventually lose faith in him. Don't wait for things to fall apart, just bounce and find a man who honors his word.

7. He's an addict. How can you dedicate your life to a man who can't even manage his own?

8. You've caught him cheating. The second he cheats on you, you need to walk away. If he does it once, he sure as hell will do it again. Save yourself the heartache and get out before he does.

9. He's majorly lazy... Does he have dreams he never seems to pursue? Is he constantly on the couch? That man is lazy and he probably won’t change. Boy, bye.

10. And doesn't have - or want - a job. If he’s in between jobs or in school, fine. But do yourself a favor and ditch him if he has absolutely no desire or motivation to find a job and provide for himself.