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10 Things Every Freshman Will Do, from a College Senior

10 Things Every Freshman Will Do, from a College Senior

By: Tara Hicks

1. Forget to call your  parents.

You’re busier than you’ve ever been, whether it be with classes, work, sports, or partying. Taking ten minutes out of your day seems impossible and you know Mom is going to want to talk longer than that. But she misses you, so please and call her and let her know you’re okay and you’re doing well. She wants to hear all about it.

2. Regret the 8 AM.

High school classes start earlier than college classes. 8 AM seems late to you right now, there’s no way it will be an issue. But your workload is going to be heavier and way more strenuous than it was in high school, and the expectations are higher. You’re going to be up later, way more stressed, and you’re going to have to keep track of yourself way more than you did. You will skip that 8 AM more than you think, so try to take a later class if you get the chance.

3. Get blackout drunk and  make an idiot of yourself. 

There’s no chance your parents are going to catch you sneaking out this time, and there’s so many new people to drink with. You’re going to buy a handle of liquor one night, go to a party and meet someone cute and be so nervous you don’t know how to talk, and you’re going to down that liquor. It makes you fun and you need help being sociable with all these new people. And then you will wake up and not remember parts of the night before and your roommates will fill you in on all the dumb shit you did and said. Nobody will care by the end of the week and you’ll probably do it again some time. Let it happen and don’t be embarrassed. Everyone’s been a freshman.

4. Break down and cry. 

You’re going to get beyond frustrated with classes and not understand something that’s in a 100 level class. Due dates will stack up, your parents will you telling you you need to do something by that night that you have no time for, you’ll have to work past library closing, and your roommate and you will fight about something stupid. You’re going to cry because it all gets to you. This is perfectly normal.

5. Lose a friend.

Whether it’s a friend from high school who never talks to you anymore and you thought you were going to be friends with forever, or your roommate Delilah who seemed so nice at first but decided to sleep with the guy you were talking to for six weeks, you’re going to lose friends. But you’ll also value the friendships you make just that much more because you’ll get better at finding the right friends for you as you go through college.

6. Skip a class to study  for another class. 

There’s only so many hours in a day and you will procrastinate studying for a class and want to cram for the test the day of. But you’ll have a different class right before it. So you’ll skip the first class because you can make up a lecture, but you can’t always retake a test. Believe me, even if you think you won’t skip class right now, you absolutely will.

7. Get your heart broken.

Neil from Intro to Computer Apps was your dream guy. He was older, he was hot, he wasn’t dumb as a box of rocks, and he made you feel so good about yourself. You talked for months and you thought you were going to date. And then you didn’t. One night he ghosted you. And now your heart’s broken and you can’t do anything about it. You think you’re dumb because you didn’t really date and you feel like you got played. You probably did. College guys are very often too immature to be ready for a relationship. But that’s not always true and there’s nothing wrong with being upset that someone just stopped talking to you for no reason one day. Fuck Neil, go find someone else and keep your head up.

8. Write a social media  post about how awesome your freshman year was and how much you’ve grown as a  person and tag all the people you met that year. 

This is the worst. Every freshman does it at the end of the school year and they realize their first year of college is almost over, but God is it annoying. You will sign onto Facebook one day and everything is freshman appreciation posts and you’ll think every single one is stupid. And then you’ll write one too. And you’ll get 100000000 notifications because you got tagged in one and everyone comments and likes and it will annoy the fuck out of you. It will continue to annoy the fuck out of you until you graduate college too.

9. Have a fight with your  roommate. 

She didn’t do the dishes, you don’t make your bed, she wanted to bang in the room and locked the door, you’re too loud in the morning. Whatever it is, you two will dislike things about each other and how you live. It’s the first time either one of you is living away from home most likely and the first time you’ve had to share every inch of your space. Some people have bad freshman roommate experiences, some have great ones. But every single one has a disagreement at some point in the year. You’ll get through it.

10. Miss it during the summer. 

No matter how your freshman year goes, you will miss it during the summer when you’re back home and for the rest of your years. You’ll feel like you’re home when you go back in the fall, but it’ll never be freshman year again. And it will fly by. Enjoy every moment of it, and don’t sweat the small stuff. It’ll be over before you know it and you’ll never get to do it again.