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10 Things I Want My Highschool Self To Know

10 Things I Want My Highschool Self To Know

By: Dani sheller

With a fast approaching 10 year high school reunion, I've started to think about the past a lot.  I've got some things I want to say to the girl who didn't ever think she'd be good enough or accomplish anything.

1.  You're not what other people say about you.  I know it's hard right now to look past the gossip and judgment, but always remember you're not what other people think or say about you. 

2.  The friends you made were all for a reason (negative or positive).  Each person you met, every relationship you built, and all the fleeting friendships were for a reason.  Never discount the people you encountered, negative or positive.

3.  You'll make a difference in people's lives.  You never know who is going to need your support or how your words may affect someone else.  Always be kind, always be generous.

4.  You have so much to learn.  Never stop trying to learn something new.  Your unquenchable thirst for knowledge is what makes you the tenacious badass your friends and family admire.

5.  You're going to make a lot of mistakes.  Learn from them.  Don't make the same mistakes without learning something from them.   Don't date the asshole twice, don't let people take advantage of you, don't drink and drive.  Brush your teeth and floss them. (Yes, every time.)

6.  Don't let people shape how you see yourself.   This goes along with number 1, and it's important. People will be jealous or outright dislike you for your positive traits.  Don't let them get under your skin; always remember your own worth.

7.  You don't always have to be the party girl.  It's fun in the moment, but it doesn't last and it doesn't always serve a purpose.  Enjoy life and be sure to live, but try traveling instead of partying up at the bar every night.

8.  Focus on yourself and your future.  Spend all the time you need to focus on planning for the future.  You'll only have so many chances to make something of yourself, so be realistic and logical.

9.  Listen to your parents, they love you more than you'll ever know.  It's true, and you'll understand one day.  No matter how annoying they are now, or how much you may think you hate them, you don't.   They love you and they just want to see you happy.

10.  The world doesn't owe you anything - and it'll make that clear.  Never expect to get anything for free, but if it happens, pay it forward.  Always work hard for what you want, and don't make excuses for yourself.

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