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25 Signs He's Nothing but a Fuckboy in Disguise

25 Signs He's Nothing but a Fuckboy in Disguise

By: Alyssa Mae

From liars, cheaters, losers, abusers, narcissists, and so forth we’ve dated em all. 

By now we’re pretty much pros when it comes to spotting a fuckboy. Some of us are even like magnets to them and we don’t really know why. 

This is how you know he’s nothing but a fuck boy in disguise.

  1. Any and all conversations will surround him and his life. Selfish much? Your ego needs to be stroked 24/7?

  2. Almost all of his social media photos are selfies. 

  3. If they’re of him shirtless and doing the duck face…RUN. #duckface #stupidAF

  4. He’s fishing for compliments all day long.

  5. How does my hair look?

  6. Do you like my hat? I wear it back because I’m the world’s biggest douche.

  7. He’s on his phone constantly. 

  8. Even when he’s with all his friends.

  9. And you.

  10.  Something’s up.

  11.  He tells you to dye your hair because a certain color would make you more attractive. Boy, bye.

  12.  He makes himself seem like God’s gift to girls and promises you the world for the first three months.

  13.  But then turns into a full blown psycho.

  14.  He talks about how great he is in bed and pleasing women.

  15.  Then when you actually get into bed he just lays there.

  16. Sorry, but I didn’t come here to waste my time...

  17. He asks you on a “date” but then “forgets” his wallet.

  18. He talks about other girls all the time. 

  19.  And even says he thinks they’re cute.

  20. In front of you.

  21.  **Sees mirror**

  22.  **Checks himself out**

  23.  Walks away with that half grin like “damn” … Like no.

  24.  If the phrase “it’s your world I’m just livin’ in it” pops up in your head more than you’d like to admit…

  25.  Then he’s definitely a fuckboy.

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