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12 Things Everyone Who Goes to School More than 1000 Miles Away From Home Knows to be True

12 Things Everyone Who Goes to School More than 1000 Miles Away From Home Knows to be True

By: Tara Hicks

1. Homesickness,  especially your freshman year.

Your roommates are great (hopefully), but that dorm room just isn’t quite the same as your mom’s over-plush couch.

2. Finding real friends  who can be your chosen family since you’re so far away from your real family. 

You need those ties and that bond in life. They are your support system now.

3. The value of those  friendships.

People are fickle, and the ones that stick around through everything mean the whole world.

4. Your health insurance,  social security, and phone plan information.

Mom might be in a different time zone or at work and it’s not easy to get this information when you’re 1000 miles away and she can’t hand you the card. You have to know it when you get there.

5. What it’s like to be  broke and not get money from your parents in a pinch.

You can’t just go home for the weekend and have Mom or Grandma Joan slip you 100 bucks as you leave “for gas.”

6. Not getting to go home  for every holiday, birthday, or family reunion.

Hopefully you make friends that will bring you home with them and you’ll gain relationships with their family, but it sucks not getting to be home for Thanksgiving because you could only get airfare for that or Christmas, not both.

7. It’s impossible for an  SO to meet the parents and have your dad threaten to kill him if he hurts you.

If they last long enough to meet the parents, it might just be real because you only get to see your family like twice a year.

8. How much a heartbreak  sucks when you can’t go home and get a hug from your mom. 

Friends will try to be there, but nothing quite feels the same as your mom’s hug and advice. And she is going to feel helpless on the other end of the phone, believe me.

9. How much you actually  love your annoying little siblings and your parents’ nagging.

It was the most awful thing in the world when you lived at home, but now you wish you had them around, no matter how much they like to Wet Willy. You feel like you miss all their biggest achievements and moments being so far away.

10. How interested people  are in where you’re from and how it’s different than where you are.

“So you’ve never been to a Hardee’s? What about Carl’s Jr.?” Nope. We don’t have them where I’m from.

11. If you’re from a  region with an accent, your peers constantly imitating your accent.

I’m from Long Island and the worst is when a Midwesterner tries to say “Yowa from New Yawk?! Cawl me befaw ya go fa cawfee!”

12. Self-sufficiency and  independence. 

Everyone learns self-sufficiency in college, it’s part of the whole deal. But there’s just a little more you have to be able to do for yourself, like talking to administration, because Mom and Dad aren’t going to be able to do it for you.