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12 Things Military Kids Know All Too Well.

12 Things Military Kids Know All Too Well.

By: Alyssa Mae

Growing up as a military kid isn’t easy, but it definitely comes with amazing opportunities. Traveling the world, making new friends, learning about different cultures and getting to experience them first hand.

If you’re a military child, then you’ll know these 12 things I’m talking about.

  1. The infamous question, “Where are you from?”

  2. Standing up in the movie theater before the movie starts for the National Anthem.

  3. Early in the morning and later towards the evening, you drop everything you’re doing and face an American flag while “To the Colors” or the National anthem plays.

  4. "We're moving again? Where to now?" 

  5. Being the new kid at school, again.

  6. Your parent deploying; one of the hardest things your family will encounter.

  7. Along with a school I.D., you’ll also have a Military I.D.

  8. Being able to use your parents G.I. Bill for College or VoTech.

  9. Screw Wal-Mart & Target, everything you ever needed were at the BX/PX, Commissary, or Shoppette.

  10. You’ve spent at least one holiday at the Officer’s Club Dining Hall.

  11. You use military time vs. standard time.

  12. The girls you went to high school with were sleeping with military guys.

If you’re a military kid and there’s something I missed on this list, let me know!