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Things You'll Only Relate to If You're a Low-Key Ambivert

Things You'll Only Relate to If You're a Low-Key Ambivert

By: Dani sheller

If you're as comfortable in the club as you are curled up on the couch watching Netflix, you're probably an ambivert - someone whose personality has a balance of extroverted and introverted traits.

1. You're a master of balancing alone time and socializing. You thrive on "people time," as long as you've been able to relax enough beforehand.

You don't seek out attention, but you don't run from it either. You're totally OK being in the limelight for awhile then bowing out gracefully, because...

2. You're not really a "people person," but the right ones energize you. Most of us are familiar with "energy vampires, " and ambiverts are particularly sensitive to them.  

If you're surrounded by the right people, you can exhibit your extroverted tendencies all night. On the flip side, you tend to shut down when you're feeling drained. 

That's why you try to surround yourself with other ambiverts. They'll never get mad if you have to cancel plans; they secretly wanted to stay in for the night anyway. 

3. You're as witty and charming as you are quiet and reservedIf you get drawn into a conversation, you'll have a sassy retort for everything, but you're perfectly comfortable sitting at a bar and enjoying your drink alone.

4. You're highly intuitive. You know how to act in any given situation and can easily play to the expectations of your boss (or anyone else you're dealing with.) Deep down...

5. You're a daydreamer who loves deep conversations. You find yourself lost in thought on the reg, but you also long to have meaningful conversations with other people.  

You prefer to talk about things that really matter, not superficial gossip.  

6. You have no shame about skipping "mandatory" events. You don't like to feel forced to do anything and you make no apologies for politely rejecting an invitation to a bridal shower or birthday party if you're just not up for it.

7. You're flexible, but stable when you need to be. Your sense of stability guides your life, but you're not afraid to venture off the beaten path occasionally.  

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