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15 Signs You're Approaching 30

15 Signs You're Approaching 30

By: Dani sheller

If you spent the 90's killing it on Nintendo 64,  playing pickup sports with the neighborhood kids, or listening to one of the many boy bands (and swooning over J-Timberlake), you're probably approaching 30.  Here's 15 signs you're part of the group that is approaching 30:

1.  Your body starts to hurt in the morning.  What is that pain in your neck/back/shoulders?  You've found yourself taking a wee more time to get out of bed and ready in the morning.  Your medicine cabinet is now full of Pepto, Aspirin, and extra band-aids (for the crazy nights).  

2.  You're not sure what the "popular lingo" means anymore.  Do you catch yourself scowling at the young whippersnappers at Starbucks as they converse?  Not sure what the new acronyms on social media mean?  You're probably out of the loop as far as all the new terminology goes, and you secretly wish AOL Instant Messenger was still a thing.  (RIP, SmarterChild)

3.  Hangovers exist - and they suck.  Not quite sure when you stopped being able to down a six pack and take those extra tequila shots at the bar?  Same.  Hangovers used to mean rolling over in bed and grabbing a room temperature drink of water, then running a mile.  (Just kidding, I never ran a mile)  Now, it's a good 24 hours before you're back to normal after a night of drinking.

4.  Bedtime begins when the party used to.  You used to spend hours getting ready to go out for a night on the town and step into the bar or club around 11pm.  Now, it's an accomplishment if you don't fall asleep watching re-runs of Seinfeld at 10pm on a Friday.

5.  You have a budget - and you stick to it.  You either spent the better part of your twenties paying off student loans, trying to project when you'd be able to buy your own place, and working on establishing credit, OR you spent it blowing cash at the bar (guilty) and buying crap you ended up giving away to charity, or lost somewhere.  Either way, you're finally getting the hang of finances and you're sticking to the budget you established years ago.

6.  You're less likely to put up with people's bullshit.  Do you find yourself less patient with people who want to screw you over or take advantage of your generosity and kindness?  Gone are the days when you were too afraid of confrontation or saying "no" and welcome to freedom of telling those users to bugger off.  You've found it easier (and more liberating) to tell people no if you feel like they're just going to suck you dry of resources or energy.

7.  You're excited about new kitchen/household appliances.  If you're effectively embracing domesticity, you are constantly browsing Amazon's deals on household or kitchen appliances.   Deal on a new griddle that allows you to make ten pancakes at once?  Yes.  Now to find friends to eat all the pancakes.

8.  Your Netflix "Recently Watched" List Is Full of 90's shows.  This is an obvious one, and we're not even mad about it.  Get it how you live, and binge watch the hell out of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  #NetflixAndChill all the way.

9.  You choose slippers over heels at 10pm.  Remember those nights you'd walk around for hours in three inch heels?  Yeah, me too.  Nowadays, your heels live on the top shelf of your closet and you slum it in pajama pants and your favorite fluffy slippers.

10.  Your weekends consist of errands and yard work instead of sleeping in.  The days of sleeping in on Saturday until noon are gone and you're busy shopping for groceries and meal-prepping. Excuse me while I go water my hanging ferns.

11.  You begin appreciating your parents.  This is one of the "aww" moments, but it's definitely true.  Your teens years were full of resenting your parents for absolutely ruining your life and making you a square.  Now, you realize their efforts were not in vain and they actually loved and cared about you.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.

12.  You fell asleep in the recliner again.  There's something about the way the recliner hugs your body while also allowing you to prop your legs and feet up.  It's almost a slight against this fine piece of furniture to not fall asleep in it.   

13.  The couch and a bowl of popcorn is more appealing than the bar and Waffle House.  In addition to perfecting your homemade popcorn making, you enjoy the peace and quiet your own house has to offer.  You're not as quick to bar hop and sit in a Waffle House until 3 in the morning with your homegirls like you used to. 

14.  You just bought the anti-aging eye cream.  What?  It needed to be done, and it's time to accept it.  You really should have bought it at 25, but we're not judging.  I'd also recommend picking up one of those fancy charcoal masks, just for fun.  (Be sure to post videos, like this one here:http://bit.ly/2uX9vof)

15.  You find yourself wondering what the cast of ALL THAT is up to.  Ah, sweet Amanda Bynes, funny Keenan and Kel, and quirky Lori Beth.  We know Keenan is killin' it on Saturday Night Live, Amanda Bynes had some sort of - errr - breakdown, but where'd the rest of them go?  Either way, we spent a good portion of the 90's laughing with them on Nickelodeon's sketch comedy show.

That's all for now, folks.  

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