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17 Love Lessons from Haley James Scott

17 Love Lessons from Haley James Scott

By: Kimi Ann-Marie

Haley and Nathan Scott are the ideal icons for love. Their relationship survived so many hardships and obstacles.

  1. Opposites really do attract.

  2. Love will find you when you least expect it...

  3. It might even be hiding right in front of your eyes. 

  4. Never give up on the person you love. 

  5. Getting married young actually can work out, if you're both truly committed.

  6. Never give up on your ambitions because of your lover.

  7. Instead, learn how to support each other's dreams.

  8. Never forget what makes your man happy...

  9. And find ways to keep your sex life alive.

  10. Make time for yourself...

  11. But never stop having fun with each other.

  12. It's okay to hang out with friends alone. 

  13. Don't let distance ruin your relationship.

  14. You can't be afraid to talk...

  15. Because sometimes you'll have to press information out of him.

  16. Forgive him when he says he's sorry.

  17. Learn to love his flaws as much as his perfect side.