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17 'Chainsmokers' Lyrics That You Need to Use As Instagram Captions ASAP

17 'Chainsmokers' Lyrics That You Need to Use As Instagram Captions ASAP

By: Mandie Foster

Okay so we're all familiar with the EDM-pop duo, The Chainsmokers. And their genre of music is more well known for the beat drops and catchy rhythms, but not so much for their incredibly deep lyrics. 

The Chainsmokers, however, are challenging that stereotype, and that results in well-said lines that perfectly sum up everything our Instagram pictures are saying.

1. “I was always told that only time would heal the pain. And even though it’s been so long, it still hurts just the same.”

2. "I think I'm losing my mind now. It's in my head, darling I hope. That you'll be here, when I need you the most.”

3. “And I'm foolin' myself, 'cause I know that I'll never change ya. But you told me the truth, so I guess I can't really blame ya.”

4. “We're falling apart, still we hold together. We've passed the end, so we chase forever. 'Cause this is all we know.”

5. “I really thought you were on my side. But now there's nobody by my side."

6. “We ain't ever getting older.”

7. “Thought that I’d be better off. If I were on my own. I tried to put my finger on the moment we went wrong.”

8. “Ever since I left you, I’ve been trying to get you back. And it keeps getting worse. I’m burning on the inside, and the truth is that I didn’t know how good you were.”

9. “Ice cold, I freeze up when I see ya. Left you just to find out that I need ya. So far, I wanna pull you closer. I wish we could start the whole thing over.”

10. “But you're just my type. The kind that only calls me late at night. You can't decide if you'll be yours or mine”

11. “Tried so hard to change. But I'm set on my ways. My words mean nothing again. I promised I'd be good. But I can't help myself from these temptations. When they come, there's nothing I can do. I promised I'd be good.”

12. “I'm not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts, some superhero, some fairy tale bliss. Just something I can turn to. Somebody I can kiss”

13. “If we go down then we go down together. We'll get away with everything. Let's show them we are better.”

14. “And we'll torch this place we know. Before one of us takes a chance. And breaks this, I won't be the one. No, I won't be the one.

15. “I know that look on your face, that I had lost you.”

16. “I know I keep these feelings to myself. Like I don't need nobody else. But you're not the only one on my mind.”

17. “I won't take the bait or these excuses that you're using. Don't say, don't say you're human.”