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19 One Liners You Say As A Camp Counselor

19 One Liners You Say As A Camp Counselor

By: Alexa Hynes

  • “Hydrate or Dydrate”

When hydration is key doesn’t seem to work.

  • “Put a bubble in your mouth”

Basically the counselor way of saying “Shut up!”

  • “Eyes on me”

This one is a desperate cry to get your kids to pay attention to you so you can tell them something that may or may not be important.

  • “Make a counselor sandwich”

I think I tell my kids this about 800 times a day.  Basically a way to make standing in line somewhat interesting.  Make sure not to make a sloppy –joe, but a nice neat sandwich, and every part is important!!

  • “You’re fine”

97 percent of the time the injury is all in their head and they just need someone to tell them it’s going to be okay.

  • “Don’t eat that”

From gum on the ground to poison ivy, I guarantee that we have all said this at one point.

  • “Who needs to go to the bathroom?”

No matter how many times you say you say it you will still have kids who need to go 2 minutes after you return.

  • “Can you hold it 5 more minutes?”

No I cannot interrupt what I am doing to take you to the bathroom.

  • “Lunch is in a few minutes”

Lunch could be 3 hours away, but it’s still in a few minutes, I promise.

  • “Lights out in 5”

At least I hope.

  • “Yes, you have to shower every night”

This one seems obvious, but apparently it’s not.

  •  “In 5…4…3…2…1…”

I’m not going to do anything when I hit zero, but I’m going to make you think I am.

  •  “If I told you no, why do you think you get to do it?”

You’re a disrespectful child.  Do what I tell you whether you understand it or not.

  • “No making purple”

Girls are pink; Boys are blue.  Do not make purple!

  • “That’s lit”

It’s actually not, but I am going to make you think it is.

  • “Story time”

Let’s waste time by me telling you a mythical story that I am going to tell you is true.

  •  “Sleep is for the weak”

Paperwork is due tomorrow at noon, I haven’t looked at the lesson plan for tomorrow, but hey sleep is for the weak.

  • “I probably should not have said that”

I regret everything, but oh well.

  • Last but certainty not least: “I love my job!”

No explanation needed for this one!

Just keep running.

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