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21 Questions Game: May Secrets be Unveiled!

21 Questions Game: May Secrets be Unveiled!

By: goran-nikolov

The days of playing all sorts of games with other kids out on the streets until it gets too dark to see anything may be long gone, but you shouldn't let those days take away the fun-factor from your life.

As you grow up, some games may become not as interesting as they once were, but you become a more suitable player for other games. Most teenagers prefer games that are not only fun, but also have a goal. Deciding what to do on a Saturday night can get very difficult, but if you're up for trying out something completely different than (probably) your usual nights out, you should try out the 21 Questions game.

The 21 Questions game is one of the most popular games among teens and young adults. It is a perfect option when you want to try out something new with your friends, regardless if you're blessed with fun friends who can turn a usual hanging out into a night to remember or not. Truth be told, the game of 21 random questions is most interesting when played by friends who recently met and don't know much about each other. Nevertheless, discovering your friend's years-old secret just now and just because you asked him\her in a 21 questions game promises a show for the rest of the group.

Despite being known as a game for friends, this game makes a great dating questions game too. The game can get quite naughty and flirty if you prepare good couples game questions and pose them to your crush or partner. This way, the game can help you realize if you two are truly meant for each other and boost your relationship. Whether you play the 21 questions game with your friends, your crush or your partner, it all comes down to your expectations. You should craft your questions for 21 questions game in a way that could turn the conversation in your benefit.

To start playing the game, you need from 2 to 6 players. However, the less the players, the more fun the game. First, you randomly choose one player to be asked 21 questions first. Then, every player takes their turn in asking a question of their will to that player. When a total of 21 questions are asked and answered, choose the second victim to your cruel questions. The game usually ends when every player has given their answers to 21 questions, but don't let a rule set the end for you. If you like to go on for another round, just do it.

The goal of 21 Questions game is similar like all the classical party games, such as Never Have I Ever, Beer Pong and Truth or Dare – to bring people closer and break down any walls between friends and even partners. With a good selection of questions prepared in advance, you will have a significant advantage over all the other players. But keep in mind that, you are very likely to find yourself on the other end, answering awkward, personal, intimate and difficult questions.