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Forget What You've Heard About Geminis, We're So Much More

Forget What You've Heard About Geminis, We're So Much More

By: Vanessa

Geminis tend to get a bad rap, but honestly, we're some of the best people to be around. Not only are we the life of any party, but we can make you feel like you are too.

1. Gemini is the sign of twins, which means we can be loving and soft, but we also have a side that’s a ruthless bad ass.

2. Our dual personality doesn't mean we're two-faced...

3. We’re just able to see both sides of a story - it helps us offer a unique perspective.

4. We can be wild and crazy one minute, then ready to crawl into bed the next...

5. And while we're usually pretty loud and outspoken, but we'll be quiet as a mouse around people we don't trust.

6. Geminis can come off as fickle, but that’s only because we have two vastly different sides to balance.

7. We’re the perfect mix of sunshine and hurricanes.

8. Being a Gemini means having an angel on one shoulder and a devil on another and we never know which side is going to win.

9. We have an ability to turn on a charm that will melt anyone’s heart.

10. Geminis love the idea of being in love, but hardly ever settle down.

11. We tend to make people fall in love with us without even really trying. We’re just that good.

12. You don’t want to piss us off, because Geminis have a way with words, and we know how to make them hurt.

13. Don't even bother trying to debate us - we'll crush you...

14. We don’t claim to be experts on everything, but we definitely know enough to school your ass.

15. We’re basically unlicensed therapists; not only do we want to hear about your problems, we can almost always help.

16. Ok, maybe we're a touch nosy, but we can’t help it.

17. Geminis are emotional, but not in front of anyone. If we show you how we're really feeling, consider yourself super lucky.

18. We can come off as cold. Try not to take it personally; we’re probably just worrying about some imaginary scenario we’ve dreamt up.

19. Geminis can detach from people easily; this is our defense mechanism and once we’re gone there’s no changing our minds.

20. We may seem a little unorganized, but we know exactly where everything is. We like it this way.

21. Constant stimulation is essential for us. If we're bored, there's no telling what we'll do to entertain ourselves.

22. We're great at pretending everything's okay when, in reality, our worlds are falling apart. You won't be able to tell the difference.

23. Geminis are extremely youthful; we're always the life of the party.