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23 Reminders to Perk You up on Even Your Worst Days

23 Reminders to Perk You up on Even Your Worst Days

By: Casandra Martinson

Bad days happen to everyone, don't let them drag you down. 

  1. Even the worst days only last 24 hours. Before you know it, they'll be over.
  2. Today is only a blip in your life. It's one day out of the thousands that you're going to live.

  3. Music is one of your best friends. Put on your favorite song, or playlist and see what kind of a difference it can make.

  4. Sometimes, bad days are okay. They remind us to appreciate and cherish the good times.

  5. Your family is a great support system.

  6. Smiling can go a lot farther than you think.

  7. You've survived days that seemed impossible to get through and you'll survive this too.

  8. Think about the memories that make you happiest. 

  9. A nap is an escape from reality, and maybe that's just what you need.

  10. Long drives provide so much time to think and they are a great way to clear your head.

  11. Stay positive and remember that there are so many highs and lows in this world. You can't expect to always be standing on top of the mountain.

  12. Retail therapy does in fact legitimately work for certain people. If this speaks to you, spoil yourself a little bit.

  13. Phone calls are a great way to get things off your chest; you wouldn't believe the number of people in your life who care enough to listen.

  14. Draw yourself a bath, get some wine, add lots of bubbles, and relax.

  15. Adult coloring books help with stress immensely. 

  16. You are so loved by so many people.

  17. One bad day does not mean that you have a bad life.

  18. Your mindset really is key when it comes to dealing with difficult things.

  19. It's okay to take time off to watch a movie, drink some tea or coffee, or read a book.

  20. In a year, you probably won't even remember this day.

  21. Time is too precious to waste being upset or angry.

  22. Don't take the things that you have for granted, even when they aren't functioning properly. Your worst day would be a welcome relief to someone else.

  23. You are better than your bad moments.