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67 Things Better Than A Boyfriend

67 Things Better Than A Boyfriend

By: E. Courier

Sometimes, we get so caught up in being in a relationship, that we forget about all the things that are sometimes (usually) better than dealing with a “significant” other. Here are a few things for you single ladies to be thankful for. 

  1. Eating an entire pint of ice cream by yourself.

  2. An hour long bubble bath.

  3. Vacations with your girls.

  4. Losing track of time in Target.

  5. Discovering a new band/song/genre.

  6. Finding $20 in your pocket.

  7. Dancing. In your bedroom, in the club, with your girls. It doesn't matter, just bust a move.

  8. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts.

  9. Magic Mike. 

  10. Pedicures. Enough said.

  11. Going to the bathroom in the comfort of your own home and not having to worry about someone smelling you.

  12. Losing yourself in a good read.

  13. Tackling that Honey Do list and doing it Wonder Woman style. 

  14. Not sharing food. (I know we’ve all got a little Joey Tribbiani in us.)

  15. Binge watching your favorite TV series on Netflix..even though you’ve seen it start to finish three (or twelve) times.

  16. Let's be honest, Netflix in general.

  17. Car Jam Sessions. 

  18. Pasta. Every shape. All the sauces. It's hard to screw up pasta.

  19. Getting into a bed with clean sheets right after you shave your legs.

  20. Splurging on that new pair of heels you've been DYING for. 

  21. When your second-day hair looks as good as the first day. 

  22. That first sip of your caramel macchiato.

  23. Getting a promotion or your dream job.

  24. Having a dog. 

  25. And cuddling said dog.

  26. Ordering dessert from your favorite restaurant. 

  27. The head massage when you're getting your hair colored.

  28. Finishing a killer workout. 

  29. Cookie dough.

  30. Finishing a puzzle.

  31. Good eyebrow days.

  32. Not wearing pants.

  33. Finding funny YouTube videos.

  34. Wine tastings. Wineries. Wine. 

  35. Ordering pizza and spending a night in with your best friend.

  36. Chinese take out. 

  37. Spontaneous trips for one. (Or with your best gal)

  38. Day drinking.

  39. The feel of plush carpet on your bare feet.

  40. New candles. (Even better if they're paired with #2 and maybe #34)

  41. Afternoon naps on the couch. 

  42. Only having to worry about yourself, because, let's face it, most men need to be babysat.

  43. Perfecting your eyeliner wing...on both sides.

  44. Cheese fries.

  45. Putting your hair in the perfect messy bun on the first try.

  46. Happy Hour. (Both at Sonic and the bar)

  47. Not stressing when you haven’t shaved.

  48. Being a blanket hog.

  49. Getting tweeted back by your favorite celebrity.

  50. Sunday morning brunch. 

  51. Karaoke. (I mean, you've been belting Selena's Fetish since it came out anyway, why not hit the stage?)

  52. The edges of homemade brownies. 

  53. Petting Zoos. Or zoos in general, really.

  54. Taco Tuesday.

  55. Rewatching old Disney movies and the new ones, we aren't picky.

  56. At home facials. Nothing says fierce like clean pores. 

  57. Spending all day in your pajamas. 

  58. Body pillows.

  59. Being able to smell your shampoo hours after you've fixed your hair.

  60. Seeing your favorite band in concert. 

  61. Open bar weddings.

  62. Finding that pair of jeans that make your ass look amaaaaazing. 

  63. Redecorating your bedroom, complete with fancy lights.

  64. Pool Days. (Preferably with a frozen drink, please.) 

  65. Finally getting the last punch on your punch card and getting a free drink.

  66. Chocolate fountains.

  67. Loving yourself for who and where you are at this very moment.

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