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4 Complaints About Millennials (And Why To Stop Making Them)

4 Complaints About Millennials (And Why To Stop Making Them)

By: Dani sheller

As a millennial, I’m tired of getting a shit reputation without having a chance to prove myself.  Because I’ve been born between a specific time frame, people look at me like all the others I’m unfortunate to share a generation with.  

It’s not without merit, and I have millennial friends who feel the same.  I also know plenty in the same boat who perpetuate the very behavior that gets us a bad wrap. (Picture the PBR drinking, pretentious, hipster douche.)  

So, what are the few talking points I’ve come to hear about my generation?  In order of frequency:

1. We’re lazy and entitled.  Most of my elders complain that the Millennial group is nothing but one of expectant whiners looking for a handout.  I find this to be somewhat true, although it does not apply in my case or in others I know.

2. We’re apathetic assholes incapable of exhibiting emotion.  This is the biggest problem I have with my generation, and one I can agree with.  The frequency in which I see people describe themselves (mostly on social media) as “assholes” or “dickheads” is growing at a precipitous rate. Why? I don’t have the answer as to why this personality type has become the “preferred descriptor.”  I don’t understand why the lack of ability to share genuine feelings and emotions is so rampant throughout this generation.  But, it is, and it’s insanely tiresome. For any millennial guy who has ever asked why I date men much older than me:  This is partially my answer; get some.

3. We’re whiny snowflakes.  I can’t argue this one either or give reason, as I am neither.  I stick to my guns, and I try to find solutions to any problem life has thrown me.  See: Single mom of two boys with an abusive, narcissistic ex.  Anyway, I see it just as much as my elders do and I find it as obnoxious.

4. We’re tethered to our smartphones/social media/etc.  I have friends who span three generations and spend as much, if not more time on Facebook than I do.  To put it in perspective, I manage twenty social media accounts, for a living, and four personal accounts. My question:  If you had the tools we have when you were our age, would you NOT have utilized them?  Furthermore, who put these tools in our hands and let us use them? 

So, my proposal to those who lump me into a generation I didn’t have a choice in joining:  What is special about your generation, what did you accomplish, and what negative misconceptions would you like to put a stop to?  Generation X, Baby Boomers, or fellow Millennial:  If you’d like to put a stop to generational misconceptions, and state why you’re not claiming your generation, here’s your chance.

As an appropriate side note, don't forget that this generation you've come to criticize so harshly will be the ones taking care of you when you're old and decrepit.  ;)

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