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47 Thoughts Every Makeup Addicts Had In Sephora

47 Thoughts Every Makeup Addicts Had In Sephora

By: Katy Belle-Thornton

Anyone who's obsessed with Makeup knows the struggle of shopping in Sephora, aka "The Promise Land".

With all their perfumes, lip stains, and basically everything you need to amp up your look- it can be nearly impossible to go there for just one item. 

Here are 47 thoughts every Makeup Addict has inside this store:

  1. OK. I just need to make a *quick* stop at Sephora for a new foundation.
  2.  Of course I don't need a basket. I'm only getting one thing.
  3. Oooh! Look! A new mascara that will make my lashes "473% longer"!? 
  4. The new guy at work will definitely notice me with lashes like that!
  5. This liquid eyeliner is 20% off when you buy the mascara?
  6. Maybe I do need a basket.
  8. You're here for FOUNDATION.
  9. Maybe that sales clerk can help me find a good one.
  10. Whatever you do, don't let her get you in a makeup chair.
  11. "Surrrre, I'll wait right here in this chair while you grab some foundations to try on me..."
  12. Primer? What's primer?
  13. It magically makes all of your pores disappear??
  14. How could I not buy some?
  15. WHOA. What kind of makeup brush are you using?
  16. It's made from Unicorn tail hair? No wonder it works so magically! 
  17. Ew. My brushes at home are made from horse hair.
  18. WOW, I love this foundation! It makes my skin look perfect! 
  19. You said Taylor Swift wears it now, too?
  20. So that's why she looks so pretty...
  21. Alright, time to get out of here.
  22. Let's grab the foundation and go.
  23. Wait, what is that delicious smell?
  24. The *newest* Juicy perfume?
  25. Well I did just read an article about Aromatherapy ...
  26. This perfume is a lot cheaper than seeing a Therapist would be.
  27. Better grab a bottle.
  28. Jennifer Aniston is even the spokes model for it!
  29. I wish my hair looked as good as hers...
  30. OMG, she has a new hair product line!
  31. I need a new shampoo and conditioner. My hair is so damaged from the sun.
  32. OK, that's IT. Time to check out. 
  33. Ugh, my lips are so dry. I wonder if they sell chapstick?
  34. How convenient! They have some right here by the check out line!
  35. Oooh and a Coconut hand cream to sample!
  36. My hands feel as smooth as a baby's bottom...
  37. How can I resist??
  38. Alright, you're up next. 
  39. Check out the cashier's lip color... SO HAWT.
  40. I bet they sell it here.
  41. Oh look, it's right next to the register!
  42. What's my total?
  43. $347?? 
  44. Deep Breaths.
  45.  It's ok.
  46. This is all for self care. 
  47. After all, you can't put a price tag on Confidence.