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5 "Rap" Artists You Should Start Listening To Immediately

5 "Rap" Artists You Should Start Listening To Immediately

By: Sydnee Schaller

(Rap is in parentheses because some of these artists aren't what you think of when you think about rap music.)

I'm always on the lookout for new music. I love being the person who's like, "do you listen to so and so?" and then hopefully introducing someone to an artist that quickly becomes a favorite of theirs. I think a lot of people have trouble listening to the same thing over and over again so here's 6 of my favorite not-so-well-known "rap" artists that you should start listening to. Also, I keep up-to-date with their music releases and tours via twitter so I included their handles for you. They are all worth following.

1. callmekarizma 

Twitter: @callmekarizma

My number one favorite artist to suggest to people is riz. I discovered him when he opened for The Summer Set a couple years ago and fell in love. I've met him a couple times and he's extremely humble and down-to-earth. Story time: I got to see him this past March, a day before my birthday, and he brought me on stage and sang me happy birthday. I was super awkward the whole time but it easily made this past birthday the best one I've had. My favorite song by him is easily "Real Friend" because he kills that track but there isn't a song by him that I don't like. He just released a song called "Frank Ocean" that I also highly suggest listening to. I fell in love with it so damn fast. Some other favorite songs by him would be "F U Til I F U," "Euphoria," "Lover," and "In Over My Head." Seriously, if you only listen to one artist from this list, make it riz. You will not be disappointed. (And if you are, well... learn to like good music, I guess.)

2. blackbear

Twitter: @iamblackbear

You've probably heard the song "I hate you, I love you" or "idfc" by blackbear but I'd bet money that's all you've heard. blackbear is easily another favorite of mine and he deserves more recognition for the music he makes. I had heard "idfc" on the radio but had never really looked into him more. I didn't start listening to him more until he featured on G-Eazy's most recent album on the track "Remember You," (which is really good, by the way, if you've never heard it). He just released an album called digital druglord and it's amazing. Tracks like "chateau," "make daddy proud," and "do re mi" deserve so much recognition. A few other good songs from previous albums/eps include "dirty laundry," "deadroses," "girls like u," and "wanderlust." Also, his twitter is pretty great and you should check that out, too.

3. Grieves

Twitter: @grievesmusic

Huge thanks to my older brother and sister for originally introducing me to this artist. While Grieves isn't new to the scene, he definitely isn't well known enough for the music he makes. I've been listening to him for a few years now and his releases are always amazing. One of the first songs I ever heard by him was "I ate your soul" and it remains my absolute favorite. I believe that was also one of his first releases back in 2007. He is currently working on an album called "Running Wild" that has one single released, "Rx," and it's definitely worth the listen. Some other killer tracks from him include "Growing Pains," "Smile for the Blade," "Whoa is Me," "Kidding Me," and "Gwenevieve." 

4. Kid Quill

Twitter: @kidquill

Let me just start this one off by saying, he got an encore as an opener at the show I saw him at. If that doesn't prove that this artist is worth the listen, I don't know what will. He wasn't the headliner, he was the opener. And he got an encore. He's amazing, you guys. I actually discovered him at the callmekarizma show I went to in March. I got to meet him and he was super sweet. He has a couple albums out right now, the most recent being "The Name Above The Title," which I listened to on repeat after seeing him in concert. My favorite song my him is easily "Daily Routine." Some other ones include "Sounds Like You," "All for You," "Downtime," "Worst Case Scenario," "Beginner Love," and "Feelings." Also, he has another twitter that's pretty worth following.


I know KYLE is getting pretty big but he deserved to be included on this list because he's so good and his older music needs to be recognized, too. KYLE has been around longer than most people think and his older music is also so good. "Keep It Real" is probably one of my favorite tracks by him and was originally released in like 2013. How he's just now being recognized in 2016-17 is beyond me. (I also didn't know about him until now either but for real, listen to some of his old stuff.) Some other good ones include "Fruit Snacks & Cups of Patron," "Bang," "Raining Love," and "Sex & Super Smash Bros." Obviously "iSpy" and "King Wavy," too. 

Stay tuned for articles featuring other favorite artists of mine from different genres of music!