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52 Tips to Ease You into Your First Year of College

52 Tips to Ease You into Your First Year of College

By: Casey

Freshman year may seem intimidating, but you'll be slaying the college life in no time.

1) Don't stress, you'll find your rhythm...

2) And remember, it's okay not to know what you want to do yet.

3) Take morning classes so you can go out and do whatever you want for the rest of the day. 

4) Get your most difficult classes out of the way so you can focus on the fun stuff later.

5) If you're new to campus, take some time before classes start to get familiar with where your classes will be and how far apart the buildings are.

6) If you have weird class times, make sure to eat beforehand. Don't be the person who brings food into class while everyone else is hungry, take discreet snacks instead.

7) Treat syllabi like your lifeline; they have everything you need to know.

8) Try to sit in the front of the class, you'll seem more approachable and you'll be less tempted to zone out.

9) Take your laptop to class to type notes on, they'll be easier to read.

10) It's totally okay to show up to class in sweatpants...

11) But don't ever walk into a class more than thirty minutes late. At that point, just don't go.

12) Find your study spot. It's important to figure out where you work best, whether that's the library or a dorm lounge.

13) Don't procrastinate. You will, but at least try not to.

14) Make Quizlet your new best friend.

15) Double space every single paper you write.

16) Do as much extra credit as possible, even if you think you won't need it; it could make or break your grade.

17) Learn APA format, you'll need it for papers. There's a template on Microsoft Word.

18) Follow rubrics exactly as they're written.

19) Don't overthink presentations, they're not that bad.

20) Study every single night, you'll be glad you did.

21) Don't be afraid of group projects; chances are, your group members will turn out to be really cool.

22) Ratemyprofessor.com can be a huge help.

23) Weird as it may seem, your professors are human too. Get to know them, they can help if you're struggling and you'll need references in the future.

24) Take note of your professors' office hours and use them when needed.

25) Your professors are going to treat you like an adult. If you don't want to show up for class one day, then don't, but plan accordingly.

26) When emailing your professors, always keep it professional. Make sure to include your full name and the class you're in; they have a lot of students, so don't assume they know who you are. 

27) Actually talk to your advisor, they'll be incredibly helpful.

28) If you need a job, work on campus; it'll be easy and much more flexible.

29) If you have a car, try to get a parking spot close to the building you'll be spending the most time in.

30) Keep extra money loaded onto your school account, just in case.

31) Get your pens and highlighters in bulk.

32) Buy folders for all of the random loose papers you'll undoubtedly accumulate.

33) If you live in a dorm, stock up on organizing bins. Space will be a lot smaller than expected.

34) Wait until you've gone to all of your classes to buy the books. You could save a lot of money if you end up dropping a class or not needing certain books. 

35) Hang onto that TI-whatever calculator you had in high school; if you're taking a math class, you might need it.

36) Remember, any food you buy on campus will be much more expensive than it would be off campus. 

37) Take advantage of free food - club meetings are a great way to score some pizza.

38) If you don't have a printer, plan ahead and print papers out well in advance... 

39) Don't risk showing up to the library 10 mins before an assignment is due and finding out every printer is broken.

40) Always keep your laptop/phone charger with you.

41) Never turn down an opportunity to turn up...

42) But be mindful of your class times. 

43) Late nights always seem like a good idea until your morning alarm goes off...

44) So try to save midnight bowling for the weekends.

45) Rushing a sorority or fraternity isn't all it's cracked up to be. You'll be totally fine if you decide to skip it.

46) Go to parties; you'll meet great new people.

47) Enjoy the hell out of college...

48) But expect to have a few breakdowns along the way...

49) They happen to the best of us.

50) Luckily, colleges have plenty of free mental health resources...

51) Take advantage of them while you can.

52) It goes by quickly, so make it the best time of your life.