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6 Signs That Your Relationship Won't Survive Through College

6 Signs That Your Relationship Won't Survive Through College

By: Piers Golden

Nothing lasts forever, at least most high school relationships don’t. But don’t be discouraged, yours might just be an exception! Now, jokes aside. Relationships are already tough to maintain, and it becomes even more challenging when you move on to the new heights.

Probably most of you heard stories about high school sweethearts who failed to continue dating after graduation. Unfortunately, such phenomenon is quite common and could happen to anyone. So here are the 6 signs that your high school relationship won’t survive through college. 

Decrease In Communication 

Good and constant communication is a key to a successful relationship. Therefore, the first sign that you will notice is a significant decrease in communication. It is inevitable that when you move to college, you won’t be able to provide as much attention to your loved one as you used to. 

College is no doubt an overwhelming experience that takes some getting used to. You need to allocate time for new studies, meeting new people and establishing yourself in the society. Even if your partner attends the same institution, you can’t avoid spending less time than you used to.

Loss of Common Interests 

Tons and tons of new things are going to fall on your plate when you come to college. You are going to fall in love with new hobbies and activities. As a result, the things that you used to love back in High School, won’t seem as appealing to you. 

Both you and your partner’s new interests will possibly go separate ways. If you notice, that they are drifting apart too drastically, then it might take time to have “the conversation” and discuss potential choices you two have. 

Failure to Move On From High School 

Oh man, that’s a big one. This aspect causes so many break ups. When you move to college you are only one step away from a self-driven, completely independent life, therefore, you need to act and think accordingly.

Things that were generally okay in high school and could have been excused before have no place in college. If you notice that your partner falls into the old high school habits and spending time on unnecessary fights, rather than on self-improvement, then most likely your relationship is on the verge of a collapse. 

Interest in New People

Life is all about experiencing new things and finding your potential. When a kid comes to a toy store, he always wants to play with a new toy while his age stills allows it. And yes, I agree, this comparison is completely inhumane. However, it doesn’t make it less true. 

If you don’t try enough things in your life, you won’t be able to understand what you really like. This doesn’t refer to every single case, but this is something you need to be expecting. Both, you and your partner are going to encounter new people who they might have more common interest with. 

This will usually be caused by loss of common interests with you and then will cause loss of communication. If both of those are present in your situation, then there is a high chance, that they might be interested in someone new. 


Failing to understand one’s priorities have caused more breakups and divorces than you can imagine. Naturally, when you start attending college, your future and a potential career will arguably be the most important thing for you at that period. That’s why some other things could fall on the second plan.

Mutual understanding of that is crucial for prolonging the relationship. However, if one side fails to understand the importance on focusing on studies, then the entire concept of common understanding collapses, dragging your relationship along. 

I Don’t Have Time 

There is the same amount of time in the clock for everyone. A billionaire and a homeless man potentially had the same time resource. However, it’s how they used the time that got them to their position. I don’t have time should never be an excuse in a relationship. 

Once I was writing a massive critical analysis essay on Macbeth while working a night shift, yet I found time to meet and text my partner. At the same time, I’ve encountered many situations where my partner didn’t have time due to less stressful activities. 

The point being, you can always find time, as long as you have the interest. If your partner doesn’t have time, then most likely either they are in a middle of scientific discovery, or they are simply not that interested anymore.