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Because Sometimes, Love Doesn't Conquer All

Because Sometimes, Love Doesn't Conquer All

By: Nikki

Many will argue that love conquers all, that it can save a broken relationship from the depths of darkness, but loving another with your entire being is not always enough to make things work.

Love can carry you through bad times, but it certainly doesn’t have the power to raise you above them. When love feels intensely real, it can overshadow everything wrong with a relationship. 

In the end, love cannot save you - no matter how much you want it to.

1. Your emotions will hit you like a train.

Losing somebody you love can feel a lot like handling a death. A person who once meant everything to you is suddenly gone. You can't (or at least shouldn't) see or speak to them, no matter how much you want to. 

All you have left are memories, and you need to let yourself grieve over the loss. It’s painful, especially when you know that love was there, it just wasn't enough. 

Your emotions will hit you like a truck. Let yourself be angry and sad, but don’t let your feelings take over. Life will go on, and you'll eventually pick up the pieces of your broken heart. You can only become stronger from here, but first...

2. You'll basically drive yourself crazy with "what if's."

"Could we have tried harder or found a way to make it work?" You will overwork your brain with questions that have absolutely no solid answers. You'll replay the moments leading up to the end and feel guilty and lonely. 

You'll stress over whether things could’ve gone differently, but you'll have to learn to accept and to let go. Don't forget - everything happens for a reason and... 

3. It'll take a while to start over with someone new.

Be patient, give yourself time to heal. You lost a part of yourself when the relationship ended, so it'll take a while to feel normal again; that's completely okay. 

In time, you will move on and find someone who makes the hole in your heart feel smaller and reignites the flame inside you. For now, keep putting yourself out there, despite the fact that... 

4. A part of you will always belong to them.

Regardless of how badly things ended, you're always going to miss that person; it would almost be weird if you didn’t. There will always be a million memories and reminders of the life you once shared. 

It's okay to miss them, but life is a long and winding road - don't spend it living in the past. Acknowledge your feelings, learn from them, and keep moving forward because...

5. Eventually, you'll find that your memories are enough.

When love isn’t enough to save a relationship, you learn to love that person from a distance; you carry them with you in your heart, but you learn to move on. 

You cherish the memories as you embrace the new path you've started on. You may carry a part of them with you, but you focus on building a happy, healthy life for yourself.