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Amritsar: A Paradise for the History Buffs

Amritsar: A Paradise for the History Buffs

By: Manav Pietro

If you love travelling and are a history enthusiast, then Amritsar is the city you are bound to fall in love with! As one of the ancient and most beautiful cities of India, Amritsar holds a great deal of the Sikh history and traditions. Amritsar plays host to the ever famous and charming Golden Temple (originally known as Harmandir  Sahib) and is only a few miles away from the great Wagah Border. Whether ancient history is your area of interest or no, this alluring city has some great places of historical significance that are totally worth every moment of your time here!

 Harmandir Sahib

Founded back in 1577 by the fourth Sikh guru, Guru Ram Das, Sri Harmandir Sahib (informally, Golden Temple) is the holiest Gurdwara for the Sikhs. Visited by over a hundred thousand people every single day for worship, this holy place buzzes with life all the time. The ancient Akal Takhtis also housed inside the Golden Temple. Visiting the place at festivetimes, however, is an absolute feast for the eyes! Illuminated and brighter than ever, the Harmandir Sahib looks its best at nightfall. You might not want to miss the beautiful sight!

Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar is a public garden where the locals gathered for special events, until in the year 1919 when a massacre that happened there turned the garden into a place of historical significance. This was during the festival of Baisakhi (an important Sikh festival) during the Freedom Movement when thousands of people gathered at the Jallianwala Bagh, and shootings began on the crowd. The massacre ended up killing and seriously injuring several innocent souls. This place until this day holds importance in the national history; and is hence a location to stop by and experience the historic vibe.

Gobindgarh Fort

Built in the 18th century by a local chieftain and later modified by Maharaja Ranjhit Singh in the 19th century, Gobindgarh Fort is an ancient fort that served as a place of stay for the Army. It has recently been opened to public earlier this year (2017) after some restoration activities. The architecture of the fort and the ambiance holds an ancient vibe that is sure to attract the history buffs! So, make sure to stop by this place and experience the fort along with certain attractions added after its restoration.

Durgiana Temple

This beautiful city of Sikhs also plays host to a charming Hindu temple, Durgiana Temple, also called by the names Lakshmi Narayan Temple or Durga Tirath. Its architecture, however, is similar to the Sikhs’ Golden Temple. Acquiring its name from the Goddess Durga, this temple is said to have built in the 16th century but rebuilt later on in 1921 by Guru Harsai Mal Kapoor similar in architecture to the Golden Temple. Some of the best times to visit this temple are during the major Hindu festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, and Janmashtami.

Wagah Border

Last but most certainly not the least is, of course, the Wagah Border that is about 28 kilometers away from the main city of Amritsar. Wagah Border is the border that separates India and Pakistan, more specifically Amritsar of India and Lahore of Pakistan. The place is a must visit not just for its importance but also for the special ceremony that takes place every day by the border before sunset. The ceremony includes raising of both the country flags by the Indian Border Security Force on one side as well as the Pakistan Forces on the other, then ending the ceremony by folding them, soldiers from both ends shaking hands and retreating after closing the gates. The vibe of the border and the ceremony itself are bound to raise the patriotism in the visitors and leave them in a breathtaking aftermath of the sight.

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