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An Open Letter To My First College Friends

An Open Letter To My First College Friends

By: Alexia Berube

Coming into college can be an intimidating experience. Leaving home and, essentially, starting over in a whole new place is often very challenging. The whole process becomes so much easier if you meet a solid group of people that end up becoming some of your closest friends.

Everything you endure they end up enduring with you. They make your home away from home so much more enjoyable. I am so thankful for the group of friends I made during my first year; I couldn't have gotten through it all without you guys.

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to thank you all for being my first friends at school. Thank you for being there for one heck of a year that consisted of more 2 a.m. runs to 7-11 than anything else. Thank you for all the endless nights we stayed up way too late and ended up getting yelled at by our RA for being too loud. I wouldn't trade the memories we made this year for anything.

I'm glad we were all placed in the same hall and had the opportunity to become as close as we did. We all ended up knowing everything about each other by the end of the year (including, of course, the things we did not always need to know). You guys have become some of my closest friends and I will always value the friendships we have.

Thank you for helping me get through this year. You all helped make the transition into college as smooth as it could've been. Thanks for going from being completely clueless about everything with me in the beginning of the year to knowing how to perfectly time how fast you must walk to get to the furthest building in under five minutes.

Thanks for supporting me smashing pumpkins out of frustration in the bathroom. Thanks for enduring and going through mental breakdowns with me (life is tough). Thank you all for being my rock.

I'll never forget how hard I've laughed with you guys. Even when I went through some of the hardest times this year, you guys never failed to give me reasons to laugh. I'm forever grateful for that.

Thank you for spending money on Chipotle with me even though our bank accounts were literally on the brink of negatives. Thank you for complaining about that one professor with me that gave us all a hard time. Thank you for sitting out in the hallway at 4 a.m. with me after going out just to talk about the most pointless things.

Thank you for listening to me vent and offering your best advice when you could. Thank you for being my ultimate partners in crime; we really did engage in some of the craziest things. I'm glad I am able to tell these stories to people about everything we did. In my book, every decision we made was never a bad one.

All in all, thanks for making this year the best. Thank you for being down for anything and everything this year. Thank you for all the support. I appreciate you guys more than you know and I'm so grateful to have met you all.

You've made an irreversible mark in my life. I can't wait to see what the next year brings. I love you all.