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Best Friend on the Rocks...

Best Friend on the Rocks...

By: McKenna

Best Friends. They are strangers who become your other half. They have your back, they take your side on everything. You guys argue like a married couple. You give each other nicknames. You make jokes most people would find mean or rude. More importantly, this incredible person becomes a part of your family. 

But sometimes, the person who was once your best friend, isn’t your “person” anymore. They all of a sudden don’t talk to you, or find different friends. Any reason your best friend breaks up with you, hurts like a freight train. 

You try so many times to save your friendship, but in the end, you can give so much, but friendship isn’t a one way street. 

You look at their social media and feel angry or emotional because you aren’t in any pictures anymore. You start avoiding social functions you know they will be at. You can’t even look at their mom anymore. 

But always remember Life goes on. As the famous quote goes, “Friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on.” Find that precious few. It wasn’t the asshole who said you were best friends. Find a best friend you see in your wedding, or living with down the road in college. 

Fight for those people.