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Between You and Me, Letter 2: The  One Who Doesn't Realize Their Self Worth

Between You and Me, Letter 2: The One Who Doesn't Realize Their Self Worth

By: Jordan Nichols

Disclaimer from Author: Between me and you is a letter series I am writing to people who I never really got to say everything I wanted to, or was to afraid to. This is something I take seriously and hope someone can find hope in. I plan to have many more of these types of these articles and may one day hope to compile them together. Thank you

To You


I know it doesn’t always feel like it but I am always trying to help you. We are both such hard-head people. So stubborn. At least we both normally are. I have watched you for a while now. Seen you fight your way through some admittedly shitty situations. But still you continue to bend yourself to what others want. 

So strong willed but it seems like it’s in all the wrong places. You deserve a lot more than you let yourself believe, and that is so hard for me to try to tell you. Mostly because you believe you have it all. Maybe its because you were never expecting much, when you should have been shooting for the moon since day one. You don’t deserve the way you let people treat you. Which is kind of funny when you think about it. Not "Ha Ha" but the awkward laugh kind.

 You only seem to fight the people who tell you that you could have so much more. The people who try to help you. But you complacently follow those that try to bring you down. I don’t fully understand it, but then who am I to judge. I have had those people in my life before too. Ignored the advice of people who only meant to help me see what I am truly worth. And here I am trying to do the same for you while you push me back. 

I hope one day you see what I see. The potential. The ability to punch through whatever stand in your way and do whatever you want. Instead of accepting that the crap-show that is your constant life can be so much better if you would just cut ties. I hope like hell you realize it before it’s too late. Before you burn all your bridges. You’re a good person but that doesn’t mean you have to help all the useless cases that come before you.

 You have to look out for yourself eventually and if you focus all your love and energy on others you will have no one left for you. And if they leave, they will take every part of you with them. Leaving you a hollow shell with nothing left. I don't want that to happen to you. Take it from someone who did the same thing, picking yourself back up after that may very well kill you don’t put yourself in that position while you still have the change to find what you deserve. 

There is so much opportunity out there for you and whoever told you to settle did not consider what is best for you, its not too late to shoot for the moon. And between you and me, the only reason it seems so far away is because of the cinder blocks tied to your feet, weighing you down. We can find some scissors and cut them lose. 

Imagine where you could go after that. What you could do. Who you could be. You just have to take responsibility for everything and accept that you will have to face those things head on before making it across to the easy days again.