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Boys Are So Overrated, Get Yourself A Man With Four Legs and Brown Eyes

Boys Are So Overrated, Get Yourself A Man With Four Legs and Brown Eyes

By: Casandra Martinson

Why do we let society tell us, women, that we need a man in our lives? 

Since when did it become a thing to shame the women who don’t have husbands, or make them feel bad about themselves?

Do we not realize how completely and totally incorrect that is?

Boys are a pain in the butt and they do nothing but create unnecessary drama, heartache, tears and loneliness. If you are someone who doesn’t want to deal with that and go through the hell that so many women do, I do not blame you.

Why would you want that? Why does society glorify that? Why do we want a boy knowing that things could end incredibly badly?  

Typically, it’s not worth it. 

You two don’t get married. You don’t end up exchanging vows. You don’t cuddle up with them every night in bed and hear them tell you that you’re beautiful in the morning.

Knowing that things rarely last, why would you want to put yourself through everything that you have been through before once again?

Instead, get a man with four legs and beautiful brown eyes. A man who gives excellent kisses and ones that are never ending. 

Get you a man who loves to cuddle anytime of the day and one who will always be there to comfort you no matter what is going on in their life. 

Get a man who loves to go for walks and people watch as much as you do. A man who protects you and puts you as their number one. 

Get yourself a dog. 

Dogs are perfect and so much more perfect than a human male could ever be.

You never have to question if they love you. You never have to go through the heartache that so many people do of putting someone first and watching them make you their last priority. 

A dog can become such a big part of your life and no matter how important they are to you, you are still their very first love. You are their whole world.

You don’t ever have to worry about their love for you ending. 

A dog doesn’t see the point in life if it doesn’t have you. It waits all day for you while you’re at work eager for you to get home and when it hears those keys in the lock, it is newly energized and excited to give you an abundance of kisses.

Dogs are the best company and they stay with you until death do you two part. 

There are no breaks with dogs. They are no lies, secrets, purposeful inflicted pain, skeletons, not so great in-laws or days that they choose to not give 100%.

There are no bad days, maybe hard days, but no bad days.

They are the very best of friends. They show you how you should be treated and valued by a man.

Their love for you is never ending just as yours will become. 

Dogs live for you and wouldn’t that be the best change from what you’ve been dealing with?

Get you a man whose relationships will last forever even after death. There is nothing quite like it.