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Can We Just Stop Thinking the Kartrashian Family is Amazing?

Can We Just Stop Thinking the Kartrashian Family is Amazing?

By: Alyssa Mae

My first question, how in the hell did they even become famous? The only thing I’ve ever heard about them and see online is that they’re always taking their clothes off and getting paid for it. I know their dad was O.J. Simpsons lawyer, and all that as well.

…. but, isn’t taking your clothes off in front of a camera and getting paid for it, pretty much what a stripper or porn star does? (Without the sexual favors, though I wouldn’t put it passed them)

I am absolutely tired of constantly seeing something about the Kartrashian family. Yeah, they wear skimpy ass clothes, yes, they continue to reproduce, yes, they continue to date pretty much everyone just to piss off their sibling, and yes, they’re millionaires. Good for them? Yay?

But let’s be honest, what have they truly contributed to society? Do we really want our children to look up to them as role models and have them aspire to be like them in the future? I sure as hell don’t want my kid doing that.

They flaunt their money 24/7, yet cry victim when they get robbed.


Why do we need to “Keep up with the Kardashians?” I’m not missing out on anything when Kim does…anything. I’m not missing out when Kourtney has baby daddy drama with Scott. I’m not missing out when Khloe has Lamar problems. I’m not missing out with Kylie, Rob, Blac Chyna, and Tyga have their usual drama with each other, and I’m not missing out on Kylie…anything. She actually seems the most level headed out of them all. Except for the time she thought it was a good idea to play on the stripper pole when she was 11…in front of the camera. 

They have millions of dollars, but are doing nothing to contribute to helping schools, poor people, global warming, etc. They’re actually contributing to the downfall of society.

And for the record, I had to research everything I’ve listed in this article.