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We're All Just Trying Not to Fall Apart

We're All Just Trying Not to Fall Apart

By: Ali Nicole

She has a habit of breaking her favorite coffee mugs. She spends so much time drinking from them, that eventually, her hands slip, or she moves too fast, or she's not careful enough and she's left staring at broken shards.

It breaks her heart as she cleans up the mess she made. 

Looking down, she feels like she's looking at herself on her worst days. Something slipped, she stopped holding herself up, and she broke.

Just like a coffee mug, or a window, or a picture frame, she can break, too. Even when she seems so invincible.

But the truth is, everyone's a little broken, little bruised from their past. But she's just too afraid to show anyone else those rough edges and missing pieces. 

She has this image in her head that every other person around her is strong, secure, invincible.

When really, they're all trying not to fall apart as they wander around held together by tape and glue, too.

No one is going to push her away just because she's not perfect. If they do that, then they’re just being hypocritical. 

When she looks in the mirror she sees imperfection and feels like she's not full, but that doesn't make her less than anyone else. 

That is why it’s fine to let people know she feels broken, that everything isn’t okay, that she's not fine. In her brokenness, she'll find other people who can help smooth her cracked edges and help make her into a full picture again.

Everyone is just trying to get by, fighting their own battles day after day, they're just as good as hiding it as she is. 

So, today, instead of wallowing in loneliness and broken pieces, she's going to remind herself of something. She's going to look at herself, and see what everyone sees when they look in the mirror. She'll repeat and carry this mantra into the world:

“I am broken, and that’s okay."

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