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Dear Ex-Bestfriend (MY final goodbye)

Dear Ex-Bestfriend (MY final goodbye)

By: Jenna

Dear Ex-Bestfriend, 

You know it's kind of funny because you wrote a letter to say goodbye to me and tell me YOUR side of things yet you never got to hear MINE. You believe that all of the following things I am about to defend is the reasoning of our friendship splitting. The real reason is that you gave up on our friendship and you gave up on me a long time ago.

According to you, I tried to play victim. The LAST thing I will ever do is play victim. I think you're forgetting that YOU backstabbed ME. I had two important people in my life I thought that I could count on no matter what were to happen. You and my boyfriend. Notice how you went first. When you have 15+ years of friendship, you learn that it is only fair to put your best friend in front of your boyfriend (especially one you haven't had long). A concept you clearly didn't understand or maybe our friendship just didn't mean as much to you. If so I'm sorry for caring to much. 

Yes I did go on social media and post something about you but it wasn't to punish you or to be mean. It was because I was hurt. I couldn't believe that you could just up and leave our friendship like it was nothing. You weren't affected and it was like nothing had even happened to you. Your response? It was a million times harsher than something I would ever put on the internet, especially about you. You claim me being mean, however, your post was actually intended to be mean. 

One more point, you called my one sided argument a fight? It's only a fight when someone's actually arguing with another...you blocked me. You did NOT fight me and you're not going to get the chance to. I simply spoke my mind and told the truth instead of sugarcoating what you wanted me too. They say the truth hurts and I'm sorry if you couldn't handle it.

Goodbye to you I hope you have fun doing whatever college people do best.

-  Your COUSIN