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Ask Yourself These Questions When She Walks Away

Ask Yourself These Questions When She Walks Away

By: Taryn Carr

Your relationship is falling apart. She hit her breaking point; she's really done. 

What was your reaction when she screamed and told you it was over? Did you apologize or take the easy way out and blame everything on her?

Were you angrily pushing her away or begging her to give you another chance?

Did you kiss her or just turn away? Were you able to resist the urge to shut down long enough to actually show her what you were feeling?

When she cried and asked you to give her a reason to stay, did you? Or were you pretending to be perfectly fine as she walked out the door?

Does she even know how badly you wanted her to stay?

Did you take the time to explain just how much she means to you?

You say that you can't live without her, but did you tell her that? Does she know that you truly believe she's the love of your life?

Losing her feels like having your heart ripped from your chest, but before you surrender to the pain, remind yourself that there's still a chance for you two - don't blow it.

You're sitting around crying, begging the universe to stop your pain when you should be begging her to come back. 

Go to her. Tell her that you love her, that she's the best thing that's ever happened to you. Tell her that you need her to stay.

"She needs to know you're thinking of her, so open up and tell her that you love her" - Lonestar