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Everyday Struggles Short People Know All Too Well

Everyday Struggles Short People Know All Too Well

By: Miranda c.

I have had to live with knowing that I will always be under the average height for females… or anybody really. When I was growing up, I absolutely HATED my height... or lack thereof. It seemed like, on the daily, I would have to endure the arrogant comments: “Hey, you need a stepladder?” or “Oh, look! A midget!” or, my personal favorite, “Wow, you’re really short.” ...As if I didn’t know that already.

Here are some other negatives to being "less than average" in height:

1. People assume that just because you’re short, you must be super young… when, in reality, you’re actually older than them.

2. Since people assume that you are younger, they instantly think that you’re not as intelligent as them or that you are this perfect little innocent angel. I mean, it’s truly amazing how dramatic it becomes when a short person curses opposed to when someone of average height does.

3. Apparently, if you’re short you have an inability to eat ‘normal’ portion sized meals. Like, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you needed to reach a certain height limit in order to finish a big mac meal…

4. One really odd association that I received a couple years ago was when someone told me that I couldn’t talk loud because I’m short… as if height had anything to do with the volume of a person’s voice. I mean, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard some super noisy little kids in my day.

5. Basically, if you’re short, it seems like you have a lot to prove because you tend to get overlooked… literally. I couldn’t even count the number of times people have bumped into me because they “didn’t see me there.”  

6. Concerts are a blessing... and a curse. When I go to a concert, not only is my nose in perfect level with everyone’s sweaty armpits but I will also most likely miss the entire thing because short people (although they should) do not have the ability to see through the tall people that decide to plant their giraffe legs in the front.

7. I don’t know if being short somehow gives people the impression that we don’t like personal space, but on many occasions I have had people think that it would be a fun time to use my shoulder as their own personal armrest… not the case.

Quite honestly, I wouldn’t view being short as such a negative thing if it wasn’t portrayed to be pretty much a disability by others.