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Faith: How It Taught Me To Love & Be Loved.

Faith: How It Taught Me To Love & Be Loved.

By: Victoria Gold

Recently I found myself having a deep conversation with a close friend of mine who is just getting beat down in every which way. 

Not only is her home life falling apart, but it seems as if every move she makes ends up coming back to bite her. 

This conversation we had started how most girl talks do. We were talking about her current love life and how her relationship isn't quite in the place that it needs to be. And so on and so fourth! Nothing too new. 

But then, our conversation went a different direction that lead us to talking about a more important subject. - A much more honest one at that!

We found ourselves in a very philosophical discussion over faith. 

More specifically about what that very word, "faith," means to different people. 

And no don't worry, this isn't about religion or a tactic to try to get you to convert to one either! 

Here's a bit of what my eyes were opened to that I wanted to share with you to encourage you. And I hope it does, I know it did me. 



The very definition of it means to have complete trust or confidence in someone or something. 

So who is your someone or something?

For every single person faith is different. You have those, like myself, who believe that faith is how we choose to believe in God. Or as a Christian, in Jesus Christ. And then you have other people who maybe have faith in another religion, or maybe not in a higher power per-say, but the Universe. Or even in nothing. 

These are all perfectly okay and 100% acceptable to me. 

But, what I really became focus on is how faith can shape and create every person into someone they want to be or strive to be. 

What a beautiful thing that we can allow what we put our faith in to define who we are. 

I find this thought purely astounding because to me, having faith is important in every persons life no matter what that may mean to them. 

From just carrying a value such as faith into your life can change the way you view the entire world in which we all live in, together. 

Having faith in yourself, in your family, in your friends is what makes you trust who you choose to allow in your life. Or in your close corner. Which in turn, causes you to have wonderful people in your life who can support you and bring fulfillment into your life. Think about it.. If you didn't have faith in those I just listed above, where would your relationship with them be right now? 

Would you even have them?

When I answered this very question to myself, my answer was very clear...without my faith in those closest to me they probably wouldn't be so close. You know?

I have had so many in depth talks with many people in my life and even a few strangers about life and just how it all works, so to speak. And I have learned so much about how each person is unique in their ways and in their mindset. How each and every individual on this earth has their own dreams, goals, aspirations, wishes, hopes, beliefs, religions, you name it! 

And I am so thankful that I have, because it has shown me how beautiful diversity can be, and how beautiful people all across the globe truly are. 

Being able to sit down and learn about another's past, present and future is a great experience no matter where you are or who it is. So I have learned to accept who every person is and to walk in love with them and acknowledge that faith is a wonderful thing to spread. Even if every persons perspective of "faith," is different. 

Here's one thing I want to really encourage about though. You must have faith in yourself above all else. Before your family, your friends, your job, your spouse or S/O, before anyone and anything you must have faith in YOU.

Because after all is said and done only you can fully choose to live the way you want to live. 

You are the only one who knows how to find a life that makes you happy. A life that brings you joy through every hardship. Peace with the job or career in which you work/possess. 

Maybe even just having the pure satisfaction in knowing you pushed yourself to accomplish even just one thing you never thought you would be able to do. 

Have faith in love. Have faith in hope and peace. Have faith in you and the people near to your soul. 

Have faith in whatever brings fulfillment to your life. 

Just have faith and let it shape you into someone wonderful.

Let your heart be full.