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By: izabella

What does every girl want in her life? Well besides marrying the soul mate its her father. When a father leaves because of abuse, drugs, workaholic, or just does than it has been proven to hurt that daughter(s) more than the son(s). As well as certain days like...

Fathers Day-

Everyone is with there Fathers on this Day Of Celebration. Except more than half the woman across the world. It may just be one of those days just like every other but deep down its not, to you it is like seeing every other girl in the world be happy holding hands, spending the day with, hanging out, loving, seeing , being with there Fathers, everyone except for you.


Graduating is like one of the most important, wonderful day in everyone's life including Fathers and Mothers. Graduating is a thank you to them,  and in a way telling them you raised this grad you helped them become this person her now that you see.

Wedding Day-

Your wedding day isn't just about you its about how far you have come in life and it seems like you are just beginning but honestly you are, your adding a brand new chapter in your life and its not only about you its also about your parents