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For The Person Falling For Someone After A Heartbreak

For The Person Falling For Someone After A Heartbreak

By: Daisy Jade Wulf

Heartbreak; it sucks. You think you have found someone to make you a little less broken than you already feel and then something happened. It tore you apart. You cried for days and you still cry on the bad nights. Your person was suddenly gone without warning or time for you to prepare yourself. Heartbreak is something that rips all of your pieces apart. Pieces that you have spent so long trying to find where they go. The worst part about it all is that you know they helped you put all of those pieces together before they tore them back up again. 

You thought you would be hurting forever; until they came around. You know who I’m talking about. Your co worker, the cute one you see every day in your corner coffee shop, even just your neighbor in the apartment upstairs that greets you every morning in the elevator. The one that seems to make your days just a little brighter. Their smile makes you feel just a little bit warmer. The awkward highschool eye contact game you play makes you feel like you’re almost back to normal. Not quite normal but close enough for you to have a little taste; which is all you need right now. 

You’re going to fight it at first. Play it off as nothing, as being lonely or sad or whatever excuse you have running through your head right now. Stop. Don’t fight it or tell yourself that you don’t want it because you do. You deserve it. Stop punishing yourself for something that is in the past. You deserve to be happy. 

Maybe they won’t work out. Maybe it just becomes a story of ‘this one time’ that you only tell to your best friends. The fact of all of it is that you know you won’t be in this slump forever. So if you’re falling for someone, fall all the way, fall as hard as you can. Your instinct will be to protect yourself and you should take care of yourself before anything else. But you have spent enough time healing. It’s time for you to fall full heartedly into something new. Into someone new. 

Someone that isn’t like every last one you’ve had. Fall into everything they have. Their smile, the personality you can’t get enough of and their beauty. Fall for all of it. Every last inch of them. You can’t hold yourself up forever without letting go every once in awhile and this, right now, is for you. This is your time to fall down for once and someone will pick you up.  You are so special and you deserve so much more than what you have right now. So chase that feeling. Embrace the stupid little crush you have and give it everything you have left in you. It’s time to pick up your pieces and then start over.