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Getting Older As A Woman Was Terrifying For me

Getting Older As A Woman Was Terrifying For me

By: Lindsay graham

After I turned 26, I was afraid it was all down hill. For a woman getting older it's truly scary, we all know deep inside that one day, we won't be so gorgeous. We won't have the youth that got us so much attention and societal perks. We won't get all the attention we do now from posting a selfie.

I think when I hit 26 I knew I was on the 'down-slope' to 30. And in my mind, 30 was the beginning of the end. I started to panic when I realized I didn't have a husband. Or rather, even a real long term prospect. I asked myself if not now, when will I find him? My reproductive clock is tick-tocking. I didn't have kids. I also had a mediocre career at best. I started going into an absolute panic.

I started scouring dating websites like a madwoman, I ordered anti-aging products left and right, I started fantasizing about how quick I could lock a man down, get pregnant, and buy my Barbie dream house and be a 'hot mom' still. The more I struggled and pushed the worse I felt. I eventually started to resign and believe that the 'train' left the station. 

I started looking back and realized all the great men I rejected. All the great opportunities I rejected. All the time I shunned having children, all while muttering to myself that I have all the time in the world. The truth is that the party doesn't go on forever. 

I slowed down, stopped scouring and started looking intelligently. I stopped going out to 'party' and I started looking for a man with family qualities instead of a bad boy. I started thinking long term in everything that I did instead of 'right now'. Eventually, after changing my mindset, I did meet the right man, I did have a family and I did find the life I wanted. It just required that I looked at life realistically, and although this sounds cynical, for a woman you can't just party or rely on your looks forever. I'm just glad I came to this realization before I was too old.