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Anxiety Makes Her Love Harder Than Anyone

Anxiety Makes Her Love Harder Than Anyone

By: Ariel Currant

Let's face it - anxiety sucks. It's intense and heartbreaking; not a single person who struggles with anxiety will tell you they're glad to have it.

But people like her can counteract anxiety's ugly ways and find ways to be independent and strong.

Her anxiety comes from a dark place of loss. An important relationship ended without warning, which made her unable to let go of the thought that eventually, everyone she loves will leave her. 

She constantly worries that she's not important enough for people to keep around, that she'll never be more than simply a stepping stone.

Anxiety torments her mind, but some of its effects are beautiful.

When you're together, she'll want to be as physically close to you as possible. It calms her mind to know that you're right there next to her. That simple contact between your bodies means so much to her.

And when she asks if you still love her, it's because hearing that you do makes her happier than anything else. Your reassurance lets her break free of the fear she's so desperately trying to get rid of, even if only for a little bit.

She's attentive. She'll remember the small things you like so she can anticipate your needs and meet them before you even realize they're there.

But she won't ignore her own needs. She knows her limits and how to take care of herself, she may be anxious but she's still independent enough to do her own thing.

She'll nurture you, partly because she never wants to give you a reason to leave but also because she truly enjoys making sure you're taken care of.

She never means to get on your nerves. She hates how worried she gets and she'll do everything in her power to overcome her racing mind.

She knows her anxiety affects those around her, so she always tries her hardest to make sure her neediness is translated into making sure you know how much she cares and just how loved you are.

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