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Honestly, There's No Such Thing As Falling In Love 'Too Fast'

Honestly, There's No Such Thing As Falling In Love 'Too Fast'

By: Gabby Elizabeth

The generation we’re living in has this ridiculous stereotype about the concept of love. We’re all, for some reason, dead set on taking our time in finding our forever. 

We live in a society who thinks “playing the field” is the only way to win the game. 

Honestly, I think we’ve got it all wrong. 

I think when you meet the right person, commitment isn’t a hard decision. I think opening up your heart doesn’t seem like a gamble.

The mindset of our generation revolves around weighing out our options until we think we’ve strained out all the bad choices.  

We see anyone who falls too soon or loves too hard as desperate or clingy. And a lot of us avoid commitment because we’re scared or just don’t want to be “tied down”.

I’m not even gonna lie about it, either. I’ve been in the same mindset for a long time and it took a lot out of me to realize how absolutely insane that mindset is. 

I started to realize that I’m never going to find someone who’s perfect, because obviously nobody is. Everyone we date is going to have quirks and bad days and shitty habits.

No one is ever going to be perfect and once I realized that and was able to understand that there’s going to be flaws in everyone, I just opened my heart and stopped putting up a guard every time I felt someone reach out of my comfort zone. 

And with that realization came the best love I could have ever hoped for. A better love than I have ever dreamed of. It happened fast and it was more real than any other love I’ve known.

He changed my life for the better and it only worked because I let him.

I learned that love doesn’t have a time limit. 

I learned that if you put aside your fears and put down your guard that love comes so much more naturally. 

I used to be the type of person who thought falling in love takes a long time and I truly never would have strayed from that opinion without allowing my heart to be vulnerable 

But I let it out and I fell in love harder and faster than I even knew could happen. 

In no way am I saying it will always be a fast paced, love at first sight kind of thing. I’m just saying that you never know what can happen. 

I think we all should just reach out of our comfort zones a little bit.