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Honey, If Your Physical Appearance Is Your Entire Package, I Don’t Want It

Honey, If Your Physical Appearance Is Your Entire Package, I Don’t Want It

By: The Korner

How many times have you met someone and found them extremely attractive only to eventually realize that their appearance is all they have to offer? Imagine the disappointment of being in the presence of arrogance in its finest form.

When I look into your eyes, I don’t only want to see your pupils staring back at me. I expect to see a soul deep within filled with a story of a thousand words that would need months of stimulation to unlock.

When I bury myself in your chest, I not only want to feel the warmth of your skin through your clothed nature but the beat of a heart unfolding a love that only those worthy are able to withhold.

Whenever you lean in for intimacy, I expect more than just the fire of what you’ve learned but more so, the knowledge of what you have gained.

I have not gone through life trying to look into the reflection of a partner who has nothing more than their appearance to offer. Everyone has something to offer, but you… you are a unique type of arrogance.

I expect to be able to spend hours in the presence of someone that can offer me so much more than just a mirror or a camera. Someone I can be adventurous with and learn from, not someone I have to join in a gymnasium just to spend time with.

I want to learn from you, grow with you and be more than I already am through your influence, not just become more ripped because you feel like that would help me as an individual.

Guided by your dominating principle of endless power trying to impress with the amount of fitness you have attained as if it is meant to be something worth remembering rather than being able to embrace the beauty that is life and your own surroundings.

Wondering whether or not your abs are protruding through every shirt rather than whether you truly present your knowledge every single day.

Taking hours to groom yourself because you are constantly concerned with the opinions of others rather than allowing yourself to be more than your appearance.

And you honestly think that’s attractive?

Whatever happened to men having an open and honest conversation with a woman about the world, the war, nature, or even entertainment?

What happened to having interests and having it correlate with a partner instead of your eye colours matching and your calorie intake being “couple goals?”

When I look at a man I expect to see more than a well-groomed face or protruding pecks glaring back at me.

I expect to see a soul, a heart and a brain filled with knowledge. I expect to hear about your interests, passions, goals and ambitions. I do not want to hear about how many calories you burned or how amazing it was at the gym for almost 3 hours…. Trust me, I could google that information if I was that interested!

I refuse to be in the presence of a man who takes longer to groom himself than I do. I refuse to be around someone whose sole purpose is to ensure that they look good, when all I require is a man who does not need the affirmation of others but only the confidence in himself and the knowledge in his brain.

Intellect? Now that is a package.

Woman love more than just a neat haircut, well-groomed beard and a well-fitted T-shirt. You cannot go through an entire courtship flexing without opening your mouth.

I want to be able to look at a man and know everything about him through his actions and the manner in which he treats me, not look at him and wonder what kind of hair gel he uses or whether or not his deodorant is on sale at the supermarket.

You should be more than just a walking embodiment of fitness, you should be more than just good-looking.

You should be a thoughtful, kind-hearted soul with not just a protruding chest but a protruding heart and an intellectually stimulating individual with a mouth filled with words that leaves a woman ready to challenge each and every opinion to the bitter end.

You are more than your appearance. It should never be the entire cake but merely just the icing!

Honey, if all you have to offer me is a man filled with testosterone and protrusion with hours of grooming please walk right past me and lead me in the direction of someone with more than just a face and pecks to look at.

Your physical appearance should be a plus not you’re entire package.

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