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Honey, I'm Ready For This Crazy, Imperfect, Love Journey

Honey, I'm Ready For This Crazy, Imperfect, Love Journey

By: Amina Chinnell-Mateen

I'm telling you I am ready. 

I am ready for you to take my hand and take me on adventures into the unknown. I am ready to love you so far and so long until my breath ends and my spirit leaves. See this life, it is way too short to not chase it with someone who you genuinely care about. 

See the thing is I don't want to miss any part of this life with you. I get it is not going to be all perfect. I know it won't all be perfect by any means. Afterall, we are human and we have moments of happiness and moments where things are just crazy.

But I believe in us. And I love you for all you are, and all you are worth.

I don't want to lie to my heart and tell it I don't care for you. Or pretend I don't want anything with you. 

Because darling I want it all with you. I want everything you have to give and more.

No more moments of questioning, fearing, wondering - I want to take on this weird, awkward, lovely, experience with you. Because honestly, you are a beautiful light in my life that never fails. You are my whimsical partner who believes in me and reminds me forever is right there. 

I will stay, and I will fight because we are each other's shoulders to lean on. We look at each other with such great intensity because we love each other and we know we should fight to keep making our journey beautiful.

There is so much wonder in knowing we get to spend every minute, day, year, and experience with the one person who has been our strong hold. And you have been that for me more days than I can count.

So yes I am ready to take your hand, to do this love thing the right way and not look back. 

I'm ready for the mishaps we may face. And I am ready for the mountains we have to climb to make it through the next phase. And there will be moments of let down, of heartache, of fighting - but I am imperfectly in love with you. 

And I want to be imperfect with you

And I know we have a long road to walk down together. We have so much uncertainty to face - but as we think about the future and the hoops we have to jump through together, let us remember we are there to help be each others saving grace.

I want nothing more than to fall into the arms of the one I know will be imperfect with me, and tune out the rest of the world with me. We will continue to take each other's hand and be each other's support because that is what lovers do.

That is what two imperfect beings do together. And boy am I ready for it all. 

So let's stop living by expectations. Let's stop letting our fears of what is to come get in the way of experiencing this life for what it can be. 

Let's hold each other like weirdo couples do. And let's be crazily in love no matter how hard it can be. Let's love with passion and conviction because so many lovers out there forget what it means to simply try.

So let's be more than that. Let's be love and model what it is like to just simply do it. It won't be perfect. There will be moments where you let me down and boy will I let you down - but it won't always be intentional.

But that doesn't mean we should love any less. 

Let's learn together, and grow. Because at the end of the day I want to hold onto you for as long as I can.

And I am not going to stop loving fiercely. Because we are in this together. 

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