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How to Clear Your Head This Summer (And You Should)Why

How to Clear Your Head This Summer (And You Should)Why

By: Naaz

Any time is a good time to take a step back, zoom out, and look at your lifefrom a different angle. As we get caught up in routine, we tend to forget tofind a moment to relax and take in the things that happen to us, which is howsometimes we end up feeling overwhelmed. With the holidays coming up and thesummer already here, it seems like the perfect time to empty our heads to letnew things in as we make the best of the sunshine season that brings happier days into ourlives.

Over the years, the psychological process of mindfulness has become trendierand many people have been able to gain awareness about their thought patternsby meditating, thus improving the quality of their lives as they learn moreabout themselves. This practice is just one of the many things that we caninclude in our routines in an attempt to empty our minds and leave our worriesbehind. As a matter of fact, it has been proven that there are many ways inwhich we can accomplish this, including doing exercise, which releases “feelgood chemicals”, as well as learning new things like a challenging mental sport and other brain stimulating activities that help us step away from elementsthat cause us anxiety, such as recurring thoughts that are not beneficial tous.

Yoga is one of the best physical activities that we can take part in orderto not only feel healthier but also more emotionally balanced. Although it is hardto establish the exact moment in which this widespread practice was developed,it can be said that its pre-origins are almost 5,000 years old, and somebelieve that it is connected to the Indus-Sarasvaticivilization. This fantastic “body of knowledge” — as it embraces physical,spiritual, and mental dimensions — stands for “union” in the sense that itconnects these three aspects, helping us to reach internal harmony. As a result,yoga is a fantastic tool to help you relax and what’s more, you can practice itwherever you are: all you need is a mat.

Although writing is not for everyone, it is one of the bestthings you can do in order to release ideas, and in the process emptyingyour mind, create space for new thoughts and experiences. It is, in fact, usedin many dynamic therapies because it allows patients to translate feelings andevents into words so that they can then look at things in a different way. Ifyou’re going away this summer, bring a journal with you and find a moment towrite down your thoughts. It might not help you to shape things the that are onyour mind, but it will at least allow you to keep track of some of the valuableperceptions you might have, which you wouldn’t be able to recall otherwise.

The things you eat can also make you feel better, and there is someespecially good "food for thought" that can boost your internalequilibrium. The benefitsof dark chocolate have been highlighted for decades mainly because it helpslower stress. It contains phenylethylamine, which induces your brain to releaseendorphins, instantly making you feel better. Seafood is also great to help youreduce stress — and the summer is just the right time to have all the seafoodyou want — as it's packed with Omega-3, selenium, and zinc; all elements thatare fantastic for your health and might even help prevent depression.

As our Vitamin D levels rise thanks to spending more time in relaxing andhealthy environments, summertime is the right time to clear our minds. Busyroutines keep us from properly assimilating new and old experiences, which, inturn, translate into stress and anxiety. Find the time to think about yourselfand to unwind; both you and those around you will certainly appreciate itbecause, as someone once said, each moment is all we need and not more.