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How Your Zodiac Sabotages Your Relationships on the Daily

How Your Zodiac Sabotages Your Relationships on the Daily

By: Erica Williamson

Without even realizing it, we are sabotaging our relationships. But truly, it’s not us. It’s our Zodiac signs taking a hold over our love lives and breaking us apart.

Aries (March 21 –  April 19)

You sabotage your relationships by keeping your options open. 

Being the fun loving person you are, new things excite you.  You love the thrill and excitement in a new relationship. You love the feeling of being sought after, the uninterrupted attention from someone who can’t get enough of you. 

Unless you’re careful, you are going to lose the love of your life to someone who’s not worth it. A random connection with a stranger feels right at the time, it’s exciting and you think it’ll last forever but eventually, you’ll realize you’re missing stability and true love in your life 

Taurus (April 20 –  May 20)

You sabotage your relationship by allowing your jealousy to get the best of you.

Being the sign of the bull, you are understandably hard headed and hard loving.  You love so deeply that you do not want to share your significant other with anyone else.  Just finding out that they had a conversation with someone you don’t like could lead to World War III.  Your jealousy will ultimately take over your normally calm and collected mind and it will wreak havoc on your relationship.  Mind your tongue and thoughts and you will be able to salvage your relationship. 

Gemini (May 21 –  June 20)

You sabotage your relationship by overcomplicating things. 

Geminis have a lot going on in that pretty head of theirs. They go from funny and sociable in one second to grumpy and introverted in the next. They can spend a whole day being sweet and doing things for other people, but the second they come home it’s like a switch that flicks and they’re slamming doors and screaming about the clothes on the floor. And that’s where the problem lies: they feel so many emotions they never 100% know what they want. They are the type to ask themselves, why settle down with one when there are so many out there to love? Which, sadly, leads to their partner throwing their hands up and walking away. 

Cancer (June 21 –  July 22)

You sabotage your relationships by loving so deeply that it scares them away.

Cancers are known for their loving and caring nature.  They are kind and deeply sensitive, a very special breed of human.  However, that is quickly misinterpreted for needy or clingy. Their need for validation is overwhelming at times and heartbreakingly, their relationships fail because they smother their partner with too much love. 

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

You sabotage your relationship by constantly searching for better.

Leo, Leo, Leo.  You are so smart, driven and ambitious, yet this seems to boost your ego, and you feel like you are settling in any relationship you are in.  You want to make sure that you are with the best person out there, and you will keep searching for that person even when you are with a great person that compliments you in any way possible. Your wandering eyes and thoughts will bring everything to a screeching halt. 

Virgo (August 23 –  September 22)

You sabotage your relationship by not allowing yourself to be open-minded.

Being a Virgo you are organized and tidy, but sometimes too a fault. You overthink things to the hundredth degree and there isn’t a scenario that you haven’t ripped apart from top to bottom with your mind. You don’t allow surprises, you demand to be in the know. Instead of going with the flow you’re driving your partner away because you can’t just let them (or yourself) be.  

Libra (September  23 – October 22)

You sabotage your relationship because you’re terrified of being alone. 

Libras are generally lovers, they love to love and they love being in love.  However, it is hard for you to put all of your love into one person because of your underlying fear they’ll leave you. You find yourself often getting involved in a low-key “emotional affair” with someone else. Never anything physical, your morals are better than that. But what’s the harm in a little flirting? Because then if your other half leaves you, you have someone who’ll catch you before you hit the ground.  

Scorpio (October  23 – November 21)

You sabotage your relationships when you let your urges get the best of you.

People would kill for your confidence, Scorpio, but that’s what gets you. You are absolutely captivated by other human beings and let’s be real– you love sex. 

To you, being in a relationship is like being a recovering addict and being surrounded by your addiction of choice, you try to fight it, but eventually the pull is too much for you.  You can’t find someone who satisfy all of your needs… at least not yet.

Sagittarius  (November 22 – December 21)

You sabotage your relationship by trying too hard to be something you’re not.

You have a great sense of humor, but sometimes in order to fit in, you go over the top.  You are feisty and spunky and love to laugh, but when your significant other takes you home to meet the family, you try to combat your nerves by making jokes at others expense. You have a good heart and mean well, you don’t even realize that you are hurting their feelings. But they ultimately snub you and tell your partner they don’t like you.  Family doesn’t approve? Relationship doomed.

Capricorn  (December 22 – January 19)

You sabotage your relationship by not seeing the ways you need to change.

Capricorn, sweet Capricorn.  You thrive on compliments, whether about your personalities or looks, they boost your already big ego; they are a drug to you.  Your kryptonite however is criticism; you do not handle it very well. You will throw the criticism in their face with a vengeance, and ultimately they will not be able to handle your temper tantrums.  If you can find a way to accept them no matter what they tell you then you will be good to go. 

Aquarius (January  20 – February 18)

You ruin your relationships by not allowing your heart to fall out of love with your ex.

Eccentric, wild, fun, charismatic; these are the common traits of an Aquarius.  One of your best/worst traits is that you fall hard and fast for someone.  You also never really stop loving someone. You will break up with someone but keep them in your heart ‘til the end.  This is only bad because once you start a new relationship your mind and heart still dwell on your ex.  This could ruin everything for you.  You need to leave your ex in the past and stop letting your love dictate your life.  Keep your head and heart facing the future they are an ex for a reason. 

Pisces (February  19 – March 20)

You ruin your relationship by being a hopeless romantic and ignoring the warning signs.

Pisces you seem to be known as the lover of all; yet you are very fragile and gullible.  You want to see the best in everyone; even those who don’t deserve it.  Thanks to this, you are going to fall for someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.  Someone who just wants to use your undying love to gain something and couldn’t care less what really happens to you.  Remember love is not everything, and blind love is not going to get you anywhere.  Keep your eyes open.