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I can't stop thinking about you, and it's driving me nuts

I can't stop thinking about you, and it's driving me nuts

By: Kavita Singh

You know that feeling you get when you're favorite show is about to drop a new season on Netflix? Or when you pull up to the Taco Bell drive thru? 

Yeah, that's called anticipation. And that's the euphoric child like feeling I get when I'm about to see you.

I'm not joking. Sometimes I dread dates and I'm always wondering, "What are we even going to talk about?"  But with you, all it took was one night.

Yeah, that one night I almost didn't go out, but apparently everyone was going out...including you. So everyone dragged me out one night at a bar. 

I'll never forget your friend trying to set me up with another one of your friends. He asked me to choose anyone in the bar to talk to, and I pointed to you standing by the bar instead. 

I waited a while for you to come up to me, and then finally, I said f*ck it and approached you. We introduced ourselves for the first time, but our conversation felt like two old friends talking. When we talked, it was as if the conversation couldn't be more seamless. From talking about living in the moment to traveling, we just saw eye to eye on everything.

Every five minutes you'd stop and say, "wow I really like you." And it was so genuine because I could tell you were equally in awe of how easy it was to have a descent conversation. 

We had a great couple of nights, but the timing was all off. We were in different places in our lives and on a fundamental level, we wouldn't work. 

When I was staying in the area, you were leaving and vice versa. Plans always fell through, and we could never be on the same page.

I can't stop thinking about those past couple of nights. It's people like you that make me realize what a bunch of yahoos I had been dating before. I really cherish the time we had together, but it makes my heart hurt a little knowing how someone can just be out of your life in a split second. 

If I knew it was going to be the last embrace, I would've held on a lot longer.

But still....I get a slight flutter even thinking about the interactions we had. I think about you a lot, probably a lot more than you do of me. I kind of can't get my mind off you lately. But hey, that's OK. 

At least, I got to meet someone as awesome as you are.