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I Want a Guy Who Actually Gives a Shit About Me

I Want a Guy Who Actually Gives a Shit About Me

By: Ann Bashedly

There’s no denying it, life isn’t easy to do alone. I want a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold when I’m struggling. But it’s hard to keep giving others a chance with my heart when it only comes back more broken than before.

I’m tired of convincing myself that someone deserves my heart just because they want it and not because they’ve actually proven that they deserve it. I want a guy who actually gives a shit about me. 

He won’t be all talk. When he says he’s going to show up, he’s going to.He’s going to care about  how my day went and do all the little things that will make it better.He’ll warm the car up on a cold day, carry the heavier grocery bags, and try his best to make every date night special for us. 

He’ll do this because it’s second nature to him and not because he’s in the doghouse. 

He’s going to talk me up to everyone he knows not because he wants to make me look good but because he’s proud to show me off. 

He’ll want to spend all of his time with me but never threaten my independence.I won’t have to feel like a back up plan because he’ll never make excuses. He’ll say “yes” and not “maybe” when I ask to do the things that I want to do.  And it won’t be clingy, or overbearing because it will just seem natural to do most things together. 

And when we’re not together, he won’t forget that I exist. He won’t ghost me on the weekends or have me worried about his “free time” because he’ll always want to call and let me know that I’m missed, cared about and extremely loved. 

And if shit hits the fan between us, he’ll respect my space but he’ll never leave my side. He won’t disregard a fight as something I’ll get over. He’ll work to make things better because he’ll never want to be the reason I’m hurt. He’ll actually give a shit about my feelings. 

He’ll make me look forward to our future together because each and every day he will inspire and bring out the best of me. But he’ll still make me feel like the way I am now, even with all my imperfections is already perfect. 

He’ll give a shit about me because when it comes to love, I’m no longer settling.