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She Wants His Love to Show Her It's Okay to Trust Fearlessly

She Wants His Love to Show Her It's Okay to Trust Fearlessly

By: Christie Lynn

When a girl has been hurt so many times, it seems impossible to try and let someone in again. 

She wants so badly to get back out there, a part of her is screaming at her to just trust the universe and understand love is worth it. 

But in order for her to trust love, she needs someone who wants to know her, who understands her, who wants to get to the root of her flaws and give her a reason to stay.... 

She wants someone to fight to know all of her layers, break down each and every one of her walls, someone who shows her she’s worth it. 

They need to be so undeniably ready to fall in love that she feels safe enough to allow herself to fall, too. There was a time when she used to love love, she just needs to be reminded of all those reasons. 

But maybe what she wants isn’t easy. Maybe what she wants is actually the harder option. Because the love she craves isn’t supposed to be easy. 

It’s supposed to be intense, and passionate, and full of arguments between two people who care so much about each other that they want to become better people for the other.  

And maybe, just maybe, the reason she keeps running is because no one has shown her that she’s worth fighting for, that their feelings are strong enough for her to make her want to stay.

Because she’s tried the whole relationship thing, she’s tried opening up and giving herself entirely to another person, but the second someone gets too close, she starts to push them away. 

The moment they start to show her something that scares her she makes a run for it, and oftentimes, never look back.

Getting involved with someone new means allowing herself to feel vulnerable, it means diving head first into the unknown and allowing someone else to be the protector of her heart. 

But she can’t allow herself to completely trust anyone, it overwhelms and terrifies her... and eventually, it becomes a cycle. No matter how many times she starts to think that she’s ready, her heart puts up a block and gets in the way. 

What she needs is for you to fight for her. Fight for her until she’s ready and trusting and willing. Fight for her until she knows your intentions are pure and she wants to stay. 

Fight for her to stop running unless it is right back into your arms. 

Because she wants your love to make her want to stop running.

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