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I Wish Suicide Hadn't Have Been an Option For You

I Wish Suicide Hadn't Have Been an Option For You

By: Nicole Clements

It's not fair that you felt so low and so alone that taking your life was the only option you saw fit.

I would never wish the pain you felt on anyone and yet there you were feeling it. 

It's heartbreaking because you always want to think that you are there for people you love, but the reality of the matter is sometimes you really aren't...

You were such a big part of my life and many others and I know you knew that, but I just wish I knew what made you make this decision.

We wish we knew what was the last straw in hopes that maybe we could have changed it. 

Maybe things would be different... But they aren't and we now have to go on without you. 

But these are the things we wish you would have known before taking such a permanent action in your life.

You are so loved, and you were so loved. Nothing you had ever done or could do would've change that fact.

You were such a bright light in so many people's lives and now that light is gone. Your pain is now theirs because you are no longer here.

And it's truly life shattering that we were unable to convince you of this before you left us.

We will always miss you, we will always think it is somehow our fault, but we will always cherish your life.

We will do our best to remember the person you were and the times where you were happy.

You will always be that light in our lives but this is a moment for all of us to learn how to do better.

How we can be there more for others struggling, and how we can really prove that you are needed on this earth even if at times you don't feel like it.

We will move forward in hopes on making your memory a stepping stone for all of us to be better and do better.

Love always,

Your forever people

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