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Im not “Defiant…I’m Just Not Ready to Settle

Im not “Defiant…I’m Just Not Ready to Settle

By: laiken Fulmer

So many times people have called me “defiant” in my life. Against the grain if you will. But I’m not defiant…I don’t “purposely” disagree or want things differently just to make your life more difficult ^^. I’m just not willing to settle for less than “happiness.”

            When you work hard to become the person you are today, you know that it is our God given right to find happiness and pursue it. My job resume may make me look like a quitter at a lot of things, but it’s frustrating when you know you didn’t “quit”. You actually WON because you said, “Hey, this doesn’t make me happy anymore, so I’m going to find something that does.” That, to me, is courage.

            Courageous people take risks because they “believed” they deserve happiness. So I challenge you, if you feel like you are settling right now in life, stop! Remember what makes you truly happy, and go for that! 100% no Ragrets ß:P

Good Luck!!!