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I Can't Be with You, but That Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You

I Can't Be with You, but That Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You

By: Laine Sterbenz

Honestly, the reason I can't be with you isn't because I don’t trust or love you.

It's the sound of my father slamming the front door so hard it shook the whole entire house that replays in my head.

It's the times I heard my mother crying herself to sleep and gasping for breath.

I watched him steal her light - I swear he took pieces of her with him when he left; she was never the same.

It's seeing people pop pills because there's "no better way" to cope with heartbreak.

It's the phone calls when I had to talk my best friend down because the boy she loved suddenly didn’t love her anymore.

It's the tear-soaked sheets, the loss of breath, shaky hands, and the marks that will be on her skin forever.

It's the night that someone I love tried to numb her broken heart and find answers at the bottom of a wine bottle.

She cried, shrieked, and threw up all over because her boyfriend left her with no explanation.

They say people heal but sometimes, I swear she still has tear streaks stained onto her cheeks from that heartbreak.

Everyone says that love can be beautiful, but all I can see is it's nastiness - the power it has to completely destroy people.

I don't want that for myself and I certainly don't want it for you. So, despite how I feel about you, I'm going to stay away.