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And In the End, You Just Loved Yourself More Than Me

And In the End, You Just Loved Yourself More Than Me

By: Erica Alisse

This isn’t a relationship. It hasn’t been for a long time.

A relationship takes two people being there and caring for each other. It takes commitment and sacrifice. It's about making compromises and stepping out of your comfort zone every once in a while. And doing things you may not want to do in order to make another person happy. 

The minute you enter a relationship, it’s no longer just about what you want or how you feel.

But you've sunk so far into your own self-obsession, how you're feeling takes precedence over everything.

You can’t see anything past yourself and your own feelings. You no longer ask about me or seem to care. You haven’t even noticed how much I’ve changed or how distant I’ve become.

I spent countless hours pleading with you, begging you to see your hurtful ways. I waited patiently for months while you denied there was a problem and refused to take care of it. As that time went by, it only got worse. I hardly even recognize you now.

I didn’t want to be with someone who valued me so little that he wasn’t willing to make even a small effort. I was done chasing after you, and I’m done being the only person making an effort in this so called relationship.

I finally had to give you an ultimatum. I told you that I was tired of waiting and that you needed to go get help. And if you were still unwilling to take that step, I was no longer willing to stay. 

In the end, your stupid pride and stubbornness won out. You made it clear that you were more important to you than I was. 

So that was it. You won— no, your narcissism did. 

Now you're free to love yourself more than you ever loved me.

But I won't let this go that easily. Because the truth is, you didn't win. 

As of now, I’m living my own life. I wouldn't be caught dead waiting for your call or begging you for attention. I’m not relying on you anymore to be happy. I’m doing it for myself.

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