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its a miracle!!!!!!!

its a miracle!!!!!!!

By: brittney

the biggest day in my life was may 18th 2017... why do i say this? first let me tell you a little about me!!! my name is Brittney im 27 years young and live in Florida. when i was 14 i got the horrible news i most likely would never bare children... apparently my Fallopian tubes are meshed together and without highly expensive surgery this would never be possible. so throughout the years i did my research consulted with tons of doctors on which they all had different opinions on my infertility. which made it even more frustrating. which brings me to this date i had mentioned in the beginning... i have been with my boyfriend at the time for almost 5 months. the night before the big news we were having a few drinks and was joking that i may be pregnant. but i was positive i was not. so the very next day my boyfriend jokingly went to the store and brought back two pregnancy test so to comply to his joke i took them they both came up positive...... oh lord... what did i do? go directly to the hospital i knew this wasn't possible.... 4 hours later in the hospital they did two more urine samples and blood work and an internal ultrasound... GUESS WHAT? there was a heartbeat i was in fact 7 weeks pregnant.... i was still in shock and i thought maybe i should pinch myself i must be dreaming...... i have dreamt about this day since i was a little girl and bam this is really happening..... my reason for this article and hopfully many more to come is to share my expierences  through this whole pregnancy good and bad.... to show other women not to loose hope and to believe anything is possible.. things happen for a reason.... stay tuned for more articles to come i happy to share with you all.... 

with much love 

 Brittney Ujlaky